Our Pick For The Best Calendar App For iPhone

    Keeping yourself organized and on top of your schedules is quite a challenge and it can quickly become annoying as well. You have to keep up with a lot of stuff and ensure that you never miss out on anything important. And, for that, you really need some solid supporting tool that can remind you of everything coming up and keep you aligned with everything you’re up to. The good news for iPhone users, however, is that there are plenty of calendar apps that they can try to make themselves more productive and utilize their time to the fullest while ensuring that they do not miss out on any of the major events they have to attend to. But what many iPhone users are often found saying is that they really have hard time selecting the best calendar app for iPhone.

    Well, if you have also been through the same, here we have made it easier for you by coming up with our recommendation on the best calendar app for iPhone out there. Let’s take a look!

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    Fantastical 2 – The Best Calendar App For iPhone

    If you are ready to spend a bit of cash, you probably can’t find a better alternative to Fantastical 2. The app comes with a plenty of useful features and can help you manage your schedules better than ever. Let’s explore further details about Fantastical 2.

    Fantastical 2 - The Best Calendar App For iPhone-Our Pick For The Best Calender App

    Salient Features

    The app offers plenty of useful features and here’s a look at what’s special about it.

    • Compatibility with iCloud, Exchange and Google Calendar
    • Ability to add events talking in natural language quickly (Lunch With Tom Tomorrow)
    • Map view to get event locations
    • Notification Center Support
    • Landscape Week View
    • Widget Support
    • Facebook events integration
    • Light & Dark Themes
    • Quick actions for iPhone 6s
    • Integration of Reminders with notifications

    What Makes It Special

    With all the cool features of the app listed above, it competes all the other similar apps on every front. However, what separates the app from everything else available on the App Store is probably its state-of-the-art design. Its incredibly simple interface makes it fast, easy-to-use, and powerful enough to offer everything that a professional would need.

    What Makes It Special-Our Pick For The Best Calender App

    The basic calendar features allow you to view the scheduled events on calendar in a readable and easily understandable manner. New events can be added without much of a hassle and all you have to do is to talk to the app as you do naturally in your routine. For instance, if you’re planning a lunch with one of your friends the next day, you can simply instruct the app by saying ‘lunch with’ and adding your friend’s name at the end.

    Besides, the app offers enough options to view the calendar for making it a handy tool for lots of different people with their own unique requirements and preferences. There’s a portrait list view offering both week ticker as well as month calendar on the top. However, if you flip your device to landscape orientation, the app will offer an even better and detailed view of the entire week. So, it all makes things quite easier for you to look at the calendar and have a general idea of the schedule you have ahead of you.

    There are new features added to the app on a consistent basis but the more important thing is that the app is continuously updated to keep it compatible with latest iOS versions which you might get with the new iPhone X or later.

    Being equally reliable as Apple’s stock applications for iPhone, you have a perfect partner in this wonderful app. It also syncs with other devices you’re using to keep you on top of your schedules and never ditches you when you need it the most.

    Are There Any Shortcomings Too?

    Are There Any Shortcomings Too-Our Pick For The Best Calender App

    Well, everything that comes with such great features and positives about it has a few downsides too. However, it’s not necessary for them to be too critical in nature. Talking about Fantastical 2, what you may not like is that small price tag that’s associated to this calendar app. Even though it ensures that you’ll be getting continuous support and there’s nothing like the app will be acquired some time soon, you still may not be ready to loosen up your pocket and bring the cash out.

    If you get over the price thing, another issue that might be of concern for you is that the app doesn’t have any third-party or social integrations which are often available in the calendar apps that make to the App Store. Even though there is support for Facebook events, but there’s nothing else available. There are no detailed views available for weather, it doesn’t have Evernote reminders, and anything else for that matter. So, even though the app is great if you want to use it as a calendar only, your data may not be auto populated with the help of other services.

    What Other Options You Have In The Competition?

    Despite all the goodness that comes with the Fantastical 2 app, there’s still a lot of healthy competition around. So, if you are not ready to spend those 5 bucks on your best calendar app for iPhone and are looking for a free alternative – or just want some other options even if they are paid – you have some options to consider. Here they are:

    1. Sunrise Calendar:

     Sunrise Calendar -Our Pick For The Best Calender App

    It’s a cool calendar app and, above all, it’s free. What’s even better is that the app extends support for three major calendar services and also integrates the weather forecasts. In addition, it can be linked up to plethora of other apps and services as well. However, the issue with this one now is that there won’t be any updates coming as the team that developed it has been acquired by Microsoft. Even though Microsoft has integrated many of the features of this app into its Outlook product, it is not expected to see any updates coming.

    1. Any.Do Cal:

    It is another decent option that comes for free but it’s been a year since it was last updated. As far as this calendar app is concerned, it’s more playful and fun than Fantastical and integrates quite a few interesting images into the design. Besides, it works perfectly fine with app for making to-do lists and scheduling them on certain days of the week or the month. The calendar functionality comes with everything you need as well but it doesn’t do too much of new stuff.

    Any.Do Cal -Our Pick For The Best Calender App

    1. Google Calendar:

    The last free option on the list is Google Calendar app. If you are too much into the ecosystem of Google, this one is certainly a perfect app for you. The app comes up with events from to-dos and Gmail and also provides you with additional features such as flight information. What you may not like about this app, however, is the fact that all its goodness comes in collaboration with various Google services. Hence, if you aren’t using any services from Google then you may not find it as useful as it could turn out to be.

    Google Calendar -Our Pick For The Best Calender App

    1. Calendars 5:

    As far as paid apps go, Fantastical’s biggest competitor remains to be Calendars 5 which comes with $6.99 price tag. It’s quite a capable application that recognizes input in natural language as well and also comes with task manager as well as different views to look at the calendar the way you like. If you talk about the week view of the Calendars 5 app, it’s even better in several aspects as compared to what we have in Fantastical. However, other than that, it lacks in interface. It’s another universal app and if you’re an avid iPad user, you should definitely buy this one.

    Calendars 5 -Our Pick For The Best Calender App

    1. Week Calendar:

    Week Calendar -Our Pick For The Best Calender App

    Though not free, it’s still a cheap alternative to Fantastical 2. Week calendar comes with plenty of useful features that include multiple views, navigation app integration of your choice, widgets, templates and more. Though the interface is not too appealing to many, it still manages to be on the list of best calendar apps for iPhone.

    So, if you have been in search of the best calendar app for iPhone out there, we’d recommend that you go with Fantastical 2. However, all the other options on the list are well worth a try and you should definitely take a chance with a few of them.

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