Best iPhone App Locker – A Few Options Available To iOS Users

    iPhone security has lately been one of the most important subjects that are discussed everywhere. There are certain basic options available to ensure security of any iPhone/iPad like Touch ID or passwords but they aren’t really enough to make your device fool proof. Lots and lots of hacks are available that allow silent stalkers to access your device without having to do much even when you have locked the device with Touch ID or passcode. So, you might need some of the best iPhone app locker software to keep individual apps secure on your device.

    Luckily, Apple keeps its software up-to-date and for that very reason the security flaws that are coming up are not that obvious. But still, ample protection has to be there in order to keep everything on your device safe and secure.

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    If you think that such inbuilt protection is not enough for your iPhone security then you have some additional options available as well. Besides having your iPhone’s lockscreen password protected, you can install some of the best iPhone app lockers to keep your individual apps secure at all times.

    When individual iOS applications on your device are password-protected, they won’t be accessible to anyone unless the password is known to them. So, you may not have to worry about losing your important stuff including your documents.

    Best iPhone App Locker Applications Available

    So, here is our list of some of the best available apps that can be used as the app lockers on your iPhone/iPad. Consider each of them and choose according to your preferences.

    1. AppLocker

    AppLocker-Best iPhone App Locker – A Few Options Available To iOS Users


    AppLocker is the first app to feature on this list and quite rightly so. It is one of the long time Cydia tweaks that is there since the iOS 6. There are many satisfied users of this tweak around as well. It’s a perfect solution for those who need not just to lock the iOS appsbut something more than that. The package allows iPhone users to be able to protect their folders with their chosen passwords and even lock the layout of home screen.

    Latest update made available to this tweak is supported on iOS 9 and can run on every device up to the iPhone 6 Plus. Touch ID can be used as the password replacement as well on these devices. If only a password is not enough for offering desired level of protection to your apps then you can consider the use of fingerprints for the same as well.

    1. BioLockdown


    BioLockdown-Best iPhone App Locker – A Few Options Available To iOS Users


    What’s most interesting about a wide array of app lockers available nowadays is that they’requite friendly when it comes to the security features Apple offers by default in its products. With the release of iPhone 5s in 2013, Apple introduced Touch ID which allowed users to unlock their devices with the help of fingerprint sensor featured in the device. The potential of Touch ID has been extended further by Ryan Petrich, the developer of BioLockdown app, as he made it to be used for locking apps, settings as well as switches on the iPhone with the help of Touch ID. BioLockdown app locker makes it all possible.

    Quite similar to AppLocker, it can use fingerprints of the user for securing apps on the iOS device. If the fingerprints won’t match, nobody will be able to unlock the apps. Even the app won’t be deleted without it and any kind of interference whatsoever wouldn’t be possible.

    1. iProtect

     iProtect-Best iPhone App Locker – A Few Options Available To iOS Users


    iProtectis another important iOS app locker available these days. The powerful app locker offers similar features as the above mentioned two options. However, what makes it even better is that it offers support for latest iOS 10.2 jailbreak firmware. If you have just jailbroken your device with Yalu 10.2, the tweak should work just fine on it.

    Besides, your iProtect comes equipped with necessary locking features including securing the app,s folders, photos, contacts, etc. It is also up to you that whether you’d like to use Touch ID or a password.

    1. BioProtect

    BioProtect-Best iPhone App Locker – A Few Options Available To iOS Users


    There are many who recommend using BioProtect as well for your app locking needs. BioProtect doesn’t just lock your applications on the iPhone/iPad but it offers something even more. It can be used for preventing others from turning your iPhone off or from making any changes to setting panes unless they have your permission.

    Elias Limneos came up with this app locker and it is now available through BigBoss repository on Cydia. Try it for yourself and decide if it’s worth having on your ideviceor not.

    So, as the instances of Passcode hacks and bypass are continuously on the rise, it is really important that you secure your iOS applications with the help of a reliable and the best iPhone app locker out there. Doing so will make sure that all your sensitive data and your privacy remains safe and nothing ends up in the wrong hands. These Cydia tweaks will certainly be helpful for you in protecting everything that you have on your idevice.

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