Which Are The Best iPhone Apps For Architects

    Technology has changed the entire landscape of the modern world and no field is complete without latest technology today. And, architecture is no exception too. Technology offers great help for the architects allowing them to bring their vision to life. With mobile devices like iPhone and iPad becoming indispensable for such professionals, architects can now enjoy quite a lot of benefits when they use iOS devices.

    There are some of the best iPhone apps for architects available on App Store that allow you to do everything from creating perfect floor plans to exporting designs. With these apps the architects can be able to use wonderful design tools such as CAD while on the go and enjoy all the freedom in the world to create some of the most beautiful designs and amazing spaces. Let’s take a look at some of the best apps available to architects using iOS devices.

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    Best Iphone Apps For Architects

    Let’s go through our selection of best iPhone apps available for the architects.

    1. PlanGrid

      PlanGrid-Which Are The Best iPhone Apps For Architects

    It’s a construction app with the help of which you can find answers quicker with instant collaboration, reduce trips to trailer repeatedly, and minimize your rework possibilities. It is possible to share markups, reports, photos and construction plans with the entire project team right from your iPhone app. First fifty sheets that you get are completely free and the features include customizable punchlists, advanced filtering with which you can find everything you need, and AES-256 end-to-end encryption for data protection.

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    The app syncs notes and markups immediately across all your platforms. It is also possible to backupall the progress on your documents and photos automatically. Besides, it is also possible to share screenshots as well as entire documents whenever needed. It allows for managing and distributing construction documents, comparing drawings for identification of changes and issues, and taking and tracking progress photos.

    So, it really is a great app for architects to use on their iPhones and offers great features and capabilities.

    1. BluVue Plans

      BluVue Plans-Which Are The Best iPhone Apps For Architects

    It is also an amazing architectural/construction app that architects can put their hands on through the app store. It works fine no matter the size of your project may be. There are many wonderful features built into the BluVue app for ensuring seamless completion of your construction projects. It is a secured, cloud-based platform that comes with lightning-fast touch gestures, volumetric measurements, master plans that you can share with your entire team, allows for enriching annotations or markup with the media files, quick snapshots capabilities and a lot more. It’s a worth installing app for the architects and comes with some powerful features.

    Some of the highlights about this app include powerful editing and drawing tools, automatic backups and syncs, and sharing capabilities among many others.

    1. Structural Navigator

      Structural Navigator- Which Are The Best iPhone Apps For Architects

    With the help of structural synchronizer in this app, architects can be able to explore their structural models and view them in 3D from anywhere they want. The models can be filtered, navigated through and a lot more can be done with this navigation app. This app extends support for models from various sources once published through Structural Synchronizer. These include SACS, ProStructures, Revit, STAAD and many others. This certainly allows for maximum structural information interoperability among BIM & CAD platforms, design reviews, and various specialized applications. So, try this app right away and discover what it has to offer.

    1. AutoCAD 360

      AutoCAD 360-Which Are The Best iPhone Apps For Architects

    AutoCAD 360is official mobile app for AutoCAD which offers possibilities of working remotely on your AutoCAD designs. Autodesk allows you to have some simple tools which let you view, share and edit your AutoCAD drawings. It’s a really practical option which offers features like markup and design review tools which you can use online as well as offline whatever you like. So, there is no need to have internet access anymore for completing your tasks.

    With the help of sharing features of this wonderful app, you can allow others to have access to your drawings on their mobile desktop and even on the web. AutoCAD 360 is available as a free download but it also comes with Pro subscription which gives you access to some of its powerful features that are not available with the free version. Prices for pro versions start at $4.99 per month and go as high as $99.99 per year.

    1. Architect’s Formulator

      Architect’s Formulator- Which Are The Best iPhone Apps For Architects

    Architect’s Formulator app is designed by Multieducator Inc. and is designed specifically for the architects. The app offers more than four hundred formulas from different other apps from the company and they include everything from other fields like Plumbing, Carpentry and Electrical to ensure architects can be able to access every single bit of information available out there which might prove to be useful for them.

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    There are formulas available for just about anything that you want to do from brick placing and soil filling to sidewalks and swimming pools. The app also includes beams, vertical shear and acoustics formulas for modern day architects. We can say that it’s probably the most comprehensive solution out there for architects and the aim of the manufacturer is to come up with more and more formulas that can be added to the app for making it ever more useful. It’s a paid app and can be downloaded to your iPhone for only $9.99.

    1. Morpholio Trace

      Morpholio Trace-Which Are The Best iPhone Apps For Architects

    Trace is a wonderful app from Morpholiothat lets iPhone users to be able to draw atop background templates or important images as they might like. Ideas and comments can be layered for generating some of the ideal sketches which can be easily circulated afterwards amidst a team of architects. Some capabilities that Trace offers to architects on their iPhones include sketching, sharing, building, selecting paper and importing their photo libraries, PDF and Cameras. This app also connects directly to the user’s Morpholio Portfolio. There are pens available with different line sizes and types, adjustable opacity, and templates. You can also manage your drawings and layers in the app.

    If you go for pro features, you can be able to put your hands on stencils, multiple pages, ruler, paper which moves like a real trace as well as the ability of drawing to scale. With its user-friendly interface, the app allows architects to enjoy all these wonderful features in the simplest way possible.

    So, if you are an architect planning to work on your projects from anywhere right through your iPhone, you can pick one of the powerful and best iPhone apps for architects mentioned above for architects. They offer great new features and extensive capabilities for professionals to pursue their routine chores while on the go.

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