Best Stylus For iPad – What Options Do You Have?

    iPad is really one capable device when it comes to productivity and artwork. However, if you want to take things to the peak, you really need to have the best stylus for iPad to make sure that things go as smoothly as ever. In fact, there are quite a few styli available today that come with their own specific advantages and disadvantages when used with iPad. So, if you are interested in find out the best stylus for your little gadget then take a look at the options given below.

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    Finding Out The Best Stylus For iPad

    So, let’s start our search with the Apple’s own product that is Apple Pencil. Compare it with the rest to find out your best stylus for iPad.

    1. Apple Pencil

    Apple Pencil-Best Stylus For iPad - What Options Do You Have


    For iPad Pro users Apple Pencil remains to be the most obvious choice that simply stands out from the rest. The solid white plastic hunk neatly fits in your hand gives you utmost quality. As it comes from Apple itself, the stylus has to offer some amazing features that are unmatchable. For instance, the rate of screen response doubles up when the stylus is brought closer to your iPad display. It, literally, makes you feel that the ink is flowing from the stylus’ nib.

    The nib of Apple Pencil is another unique feature that makes it to qualify for the best stylus for iPad. You can use the nib on the side for shading purposes, just like you do with your pencils.

    Pencil can be easily set up and there is no complication at all as is the case with different other styluses available today. All you have to do is plug Lightning connector into the iPad and it will establish a wireless connection right away automatically. Even though it comes with a price tag, but iPad Pro users can’t really find a better accessory than what Apple offers itself.

    The drawback, or you can say the limitation, of using Apple Pencil as your stylus is that it can’t be used with any iPad model other than iPad Pro that it was actually announced with. What this means is that if you have an iPad, iPad Mini, or iPad Air then you are out of luck as Apple Pencil won’t work on them. So, you’ll have to continue reading and settle on some other stylus to use on your iPad.

    1. Adonit Jot Pro

    Adonit Jot Pro-Best Stylus For iPad - What Options Do You Have


    As we just mentioned the limitation of Apple Pencil, i.e. it only works with iPad Pro, if you want a stylus for one of the older iPad models then Adonit Jot Pro may turn out to be a good alternative. It doesn’t just offer you great build quality but also offers nicely textured grip that makes it feel quite solid when you hold it in your hands.

    An interesting factis its cushioned tip. There’s a transparent plastic circle right on its nib that allows you to see whatever you’re drawing. It can be the best stylus for iPad as far as graphic designers are concerned. However, if you have to buy something for handwriting then you should like to have a stylus that is a bit chunkier.

    Nevertheless, it’s worth buying owing to the fact that it works fine on most of the iPads, and also on iPhone 4s or later with a free app.

    1. Adonit Jot Mini

    If you define best stylus for iPad as something that is compact and can be stored easily, Jot Mini may be what you’d like to buy. Though it’s a disc-style basic stylus that isn’t too heavy not too expensive either, but it really offers you great control. Mini’s size is just few inches when capped, but when you screw its cap for extending its body the size almost doubles up. With its disc shape, it gets all the precision and allows you to easily see whatever you are drawing or writing. One thing, however, that you must keep in mind here is that the disc gives you audible noise of clicking and can sometimes feel a bit slippery on glass screen of your iPad.

    1. Pencil ByFiftyThree

    Pencil ByFiftyThree-Best Stylus For iPad - What Options Do You Have


    Designed primarily to be used with Paper app, Pencil by Fifty Three is your Bluetooth-connected digital stylus that can be used for creating all sorts of lines through its pressure-sensitive input. Besides, it also supports palm rejection and shading as well. Built with brushed aluminum graphite, Pencil is really durable and can be used quite comfortably. There’s a tapered tip along with 14k gold plated sensors to give accurate reaction. It can even be flipped over to be used as eraser.

    1. Bamboo Fineline 3

    Bamboo Fineline 3-Best Stylus For iPad - What Options Do You Have


    If your search for best stylus for iPad isn’t over yet, you can try Bamboo Fineline 3. If you want a stylus that works great with writing notes and general handwriting, it really is a great choice.

    Bamboo Fineline is connected through Bluetooth and works fine with quite a lot of apps. What makes it the best, however, is its better palm rejection feature than others. Though not so easy to setup like Apple Pencil, Fineline can be your perfect alternative if you want to take notes and sketch on your iPad Mini or iPad Air.

    1. Intuous Creative

    Wacom is a company that is widely identified with design and digital art. Over time, the styli and drawing tablets from the company have helped lots of designers to switch to digital realm from conventional paper and pen. Intuos Creative is probably the best stylus for iPad from them.

    It’s made of brushed aluminum and fills in your hand rather nicely. There’s a silicon grip just close to the tip for ensuring a comfortable experience even when you have to use it for extended periods.

    The tip of the stylus is made from hardened plastic which makes it a bit loud sometimes, depending on how heavy your drawing/writing style is.

    The smart stylus uses Bluetooth 4.0, and features a couple of programmable buttons that you can configure with different compatible apps. Usually, these buttons are used for undoing or redoing your actions. This really proves to be handy when you have to work really quickly as you don’t really need to take your hands off it for tapping icons on your screen.

    The Intuos stylus is pressure-sensitive as well and you can take advantage of its pressure sensitivity when used with right kind of app. It has 2048 levels of palm cancellation and responsiveness.

    1. FiftyThree Digital Stylus

    If you have had the experience of using that amazing Paper app from FiftyThree, you’ll have a fair bit of idea what a well-designed art app may look like. The same company introduced a stylus to accompany its art app and it’s as aesthetically pleasing as the app itself.

    What sets this stylus apart is that it actually eschews that slim and pen-like appearance of different other styli out there. Rather it comes with rectangular body with a walnut or graphite case. Both of them really look smart and feature rubber tips on both ends that not only serve as actual stylus but also as eraser.

    The stylus doesn’t feature that fine tip like that of Intuos Creative, which is primarily intended to offer ultimate precision, rather it gets a bit on chunky side. Basically, it is designed for those who might be willing to use the Paper app.

    You can use it for navigating through iOS and controlling different apps just like any other stylus. However, pulling its tip out will reveal some electronics inside. There are sensors that are Bluetooth enabled and can be used for turning your Pencil into something more impressive.

    1. Cosmonaut Wide-Grip Stylus

    Cosmonaut Wide-Grip Stylus-Best Stylus For iPad - What Options Do You Have


    This is the best stylus for iPad that is aimed at kids as it works great when it comes to writing and doodling. There’s wide, comfortable grip that is wrapped in soft rubber nib and shell. The size of this stylus is same like those dry erase markers. It really gives you the sense as ifyou were writing on whiteboard and works just incredibly for the clumsy and the young. It, however, doesn’t support pressure-sensitivity, charging and Bluetooth features.

    Hopefully, the options that you have been presented here will help you find your best stylus for iPad. Just determine which iPad model you have to use it on and what kind of apps you have to work with, and make your choice accordingly. Obviously, you’ll find one that will meet all your requirements.

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