How To Block, Mute & Report Spam iMessages On Your iPhone/iPad

    Almost anyone using an idevice can send you iMessage but it doesn’t mean that you are bound to receive messages even from those you don’t want to. If you are getting too many messages, or if you are continuously getting messages that are not for you but someone else, or if you are getting spam, it is possible to simply change things as you like by taking appropriate action. You can block, mute and even report spam iMessages on your iPhone/iPad. And, if you want to learn about how you can do all this then read on to find out.

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    How You Can Mute Your iMessage Conversations?

    If you don’t want to receive messages from an individual or a group on iMessage then you can simply mute conversations and keep it that way for as long as you may like. Here is how you can be able to do that.

    How You Can Mute Your iMessage Conversations-How To Block, Mute & Report Spam iMessages On Your iPhoneiPad


    1. Open Messages application on your device
    2. Tap a conversation that you want to mute, be it a group conversation or an individual one
    3. Tap on Details in top right side of the screen
    4. You’ll find a ‘Do Not Disturb’ toggle here, Turn it On
    5. Your silenced conversations will now have some type of half moon appearing in front of them

    Not like leaving conversations altogether, ‘Do Not Disturb’ works fine no matter if some participants aren’t on iMessage.

    How You Can Block Someone On iMessage?

    If you want to block a contact or a group on iMessage, that’s also possible and here is how you can do that.

    1. Open Messages application on your device
    2. Tap a conversation with the person who you want to block
    3. Tap on Details in top right side of the screen
    4. Tap Info button
    5. Scroll down by swiping up with your fingers and then tap on ‘Block this caller’ option
    6. Finally, tap on “Block Contact” to confirm in the pop-up dialog


    Once you have blocked a contact, you won’t get any messages, Facetime requests or calls from that particular contact. However, if you change thoughts later and want to stay in touch with that person then you can unblock them. The steps will be exactly the same as you have followed above and the only change is that you will have to tap on “Unblock this caller” when the option shows up in the process.

    How You Can Report iMessage Spams To Apple?

    When facing perfect conditions, we do not really have to deal with any kind of spam whatsoever. However, that’s not the case all the time and this chaotic world is full of spammers who have enough free time to waste yours and occupy your iMesage inbox with nothing but trash offers. However, it’s not necessary for you to sit idle and face that spam abuse silently and wait until it stops itself. You can take action and report such iMessage spams to Apple.

    If some email address or a number sends you some type of spam iMessage or text,and it is not in the contact list either, you’ll be able see a ‘Report as Junk’ option towards the bottom of the screen. And, here is what you need to do for reporting messages as spam.

    1. Tap the blue-colored link that reads as ‘Report as Junk’ and can be found towards bottom of a message received from someone who is not in your iMessage contacts list.
    2. Now, tap on ‘Delete & Report Junk’ button that appears in pop-up menu.

    It is possible for the Delete button to not work, however. In such a situation, an alternate for you is to report spam to Apple directly by sending them an email. All you will have to do is to capture screenshot of offending messages, the email or phone number of the sender, and time at which the message was received. Finally, send this screenshot to Apple at [email protected] and they will investigate your claim and take appropriate actions in the end.

    So, if you are getting annoyed with someone sending messages to you via iMessage, you can resort to any of the above mentioned options as deemed appropriate. There is no need to get offended until the other person stops it.

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