Using Built-In Screen Recording Feature On iPhone/iPad Running iOS 11

    Apples latest iOS iteration, iOS 11, comes with many great new features and one amongst them is built-in screen recording feature. And, for some reason Apple glossed over it when the new iOS was unveiled in June at the WWDC event. Now that Apple has launched the new iOS 11 after quite a few successful beta releases, we can show you how it can be used on your iPhne/iPad that is running latest iOS 11.

    It’s a major feature in the new iOS and we don’t really understand as to why Apple decided to skip it when the new OS was first revealed. With large number of iOS users missing this feature on their devices for quite some time, it has finally arrived and they can now enjoy native screen recording feature right on their iPhone/iPad. So, now that it has arrived, let’s find out how you can use it.

    How To Use Screen Recording Feature?

    Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone/iPad and check out all the changes made with the new design for a second. Now, pull down on your iPhone/iPad screen to reveal Search bar. Type into it and find out Control Center. You can also scroll down to Control Center as well.

    Step 2: Go to Customize Controls in Control Center. Now scroll down to Screen Recording feature and tap green-colored “plus” icon towards left side of this title. It will add Screen Recording to Control Center.

    Using Built-In Screen Recording Feature On iPhoneiPad Running iOS 11 1

    Step 3: Now, exit Settings app and invoke Control Center as you normally do (swiping up from screen’s bottom). You’ll be able to see the new icon for Screen Recording in overlay.


    Using Built-In Screen Recording Feature On iPhoneiPad Running iOS 11 2


    Step 4: Just perform touch gesture on the Screen Recording icon and it will bring up an animation counter for three seconds after which screen recording will start right away. You can also long press or 3D Touch the icon for invoking another overlay in which you get the options to start and stop recording. You can also turn audio recording On/Off from microphone button. Just tap the Start Recording option and exit from Control Center. Now you can use the device normally and record everything happening on the screen natively. When in recording state, you will be able to see a small red-colored bar right below status bar on your iPhone/iPad. This confirms that the screen is being recorded.

    Using Built-In Screen Recording Feature On iPhoneiPad Running iOS 11 2


    Step 5: Once you’re done recording, tap that red bar. Now, you’ll be presented the options to stop recording and iOS will save your recorded video directly to Photos app.

    Using Built-In Screen Recording Feature On iPhoneiPad Running iOS 11 4


    Now go to Photos application in the same way as you do normally. Navigate to your video that you recorded through screen recording feature and play it as you normally do with other videos on your iPhone/iPad. The video will have everything that you did on the screen while recording it and there will be audio as well if that was turned on during the recording.

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