Clash Of Clans For iOS – All You Should Know About It

Clash Of Clans For iOS – All You Should Know About It

Clash of Clans for iOS really is one popular game among the mobile users from all over the world and its popularity is continuously on the rise. Whether you are an iOS user or have an Android device, you can download and install this really entertaining and amusing game on your device. We don’t see many apps that advertise in the TV commercials but COC is one among the very few that do that. Well, it’s a strategy game and arouses interests of everyone who likes to test their planning skills. Let’s dig a bit deeper into this app and try to find out what it is all about.

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What Type Of Game Clash Of Clans For iOS Basically Is?

Basically, it is a ‘Massively Multiplayer Online Strategy game’ that is distributed as freemium game and is available completely free of cost. However, you can buy in-game items and are required to do so sometimes. Some common purchases inside the game could be resources and gems.

What Kind Of GamePlay COC Offers?

In Clash of Clans for iOS, you have to start your empire by actually building your community first, which is referred to as your clan in the game, and then you have to train your troops for attacking the empires of others in the bid to acquire elixir, gold and Dark Elixir. These items can then be used for rebuilding your defenses, training and upgrading the troops as well as making spells.

What Kind Of GamePlay COC Offers-Clash Of Clans For iOS – All You Should Know About It

You can also enjoy single-player campaigns in which you attack some goblin villages for earning elixir and gold.

What You Can Do With All The Resources?

 The major resources that are acquired from attacks on others include elixir, gold and Dark Elixir. You can use gold for upgrading the buildings in your community whereas the other two can be used for training your troops. You can use Elixir in barracks and the Dark Elixir in dark barracks. Both these types of the barracks are used for training different troops’ types.

What Is It About The MMO?

Players in the game combine to form Clans. The players who are part of the Clans offer support to each other through advice or reinforcements. That’s what the MMO experience is all about. You can join hands with others in your clan to attack other communities. There are real players on the other side as well who run those communities as part of other clans.

Why Are The Gems So Important?

Why Are The Gems So Important-Clash Of Clans For iOS – All You Should Know About It

Gems are probably the most important of all resources that you have in Clash of Clans for iOS. They let you upgrade everything more quickly and speed up the builders working on an upgrade so that they can be available for completing other projects as well. You can also use them for boosting other buildings such as barracks or resource production facilities. Besides, you can also upgrade the heroes with gems as well.

What Are Clan Wars?

Every Clan has its own leader and there is a co-leader as well. It’s one of these two who can begin a war. And, when a war is initiated, every clan is given a day for preparation and the next day for the war. During the war, players get stars depending on how much destruction they cause to the opponent.

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Each of the players is given a couple of attack chances in every war. The Clan that ends the war with most stars is declared as the winner. If the number of stars earned by both the teams is same then the Clan having higher percentage of destruction is declared the winner.

Bonus loot is awarded to you if the attack is used by you during a war, and Supercell decides type of the loot. Several increments to bonus loot are also there. If you end up on the winning side then you can take away all of that bonus loot and if you loseyou’re entitled to 1/3rd of the loot available.

Friendly Challenges are also considered as Clan Wars in which players belonging to same clan come to fight against each other. However, no trophies or loots are awarded as a result of these challenges and they don’t affect the armies either.

What’s New In Clash Of Clans?

 What’s New In Clash Of Clans-Clash Of Clans For iOS – All You Should Know About It

An update to Clash of Clans for iOS was released in May 2017 as a result of which the players can now repair the broken boats they have and sail to the new islands. Once there, they can build new villages and be able to play new mode of the game that includes new heroes and versus battles.

What Is Clash ‘Royale’?

Well, Clash Royale actually is the COC sequel and comes with somewhat different gameplay. Where in COC you have to attack players on the basis of days, Clash Royale allows for real time battles against other players.

Are you familiar with the TV series Yu-Gi-Oh in which they play cards standing on the pedestals and then monsters appear on field, which are used for attacking and defending? Clash Royale is exactly the same.

You have spells cards, troop cards and the building cards to play with. You win as a result of destroying more towers in the game as compared to those destroyed by the opponent and must have to destroy the King’s Tower of your opponent too. The game offers 11 arenas for the players to play in and there are 73 cards that they have to collect. So, if you love to play card battle games and also want to enjoy something in real time then you should definitely go with the COC sequel Clash Royale. It is available on both Android and iOS.

So, that’s all about the Clash of Clans for iOS game and its sequel Clash Royale. You can decide which one is your type that you’d want to go with.