Dark Blue/Navy iPhone 12 Rumored In New Report Again

There have been a lot of rumors afloat around the new Dark Blue/Navy iPhone 12 lately, and the latest comes from a report from DigiTimes.

The unreliable publication cited some industry sources to claim that a new “dark blue” iPhone 12 will be launched pretty soon.

Even though DigiTimes didn’t claim that, it is pretty likely for the new iPhone 12 to be a Pro variant that might get to replace the famous Midnight Green model which was released with the iPhone 11 Pro.

Dark BlueNavy iPhone 12 Rumored In New Report Again

Besides bringing a dark blue model for the very first time into Apple’s iPhone line, the smartphone manufacturer is also set to introduce a few specification upgrades in its new iPhones. These may include displays, communications modules, and camera modules to name a few.

The rumors around a new Navy Blue iPhone variant first started popping up in January and ever since there have been a lot of talk on this topic. There have been so many concepts revealed based on this new color and if the newly introduced model comes anywhere close to these wonderful images and videos, we’re certainly in for a treat.

Dark BlueNavy iPhone 12 Rumored In New Report Again

The news around the upcoming “dark blue” iPhones was only a small part of a bigger announcement claiming that there will be fewer iPhone 12 models shipped this year compared to the iPhone 11 supply last year. Now, there are a few reasons which make that a possibility, and the most important of them is that we are still in a global pandemic.

In addition to that, the US carries on bickering with China which might lead to consequences like iOS losing WeChat. So, things are certainly going to be much difficult for iPhone towards the end of the year and we’re soon going to witness that.