How To Downgrade your iOS 11.1.2 iPhone/iPad?

    If you had upgraded your iPhone/iPad to iOS 11.1.x but you didn’t find the performance of this particular version of iOS up to the mark then you must be looking to downgrade iOS 11 back to the previous supported version i.e. iOS 11.0.x before Apple stops signing the firmware versions. So, let’s take a look at how you can do that.

    How To Downgrade iOS 11?

    Here are the steps that you will have to follow in order to bring your device back to iOS 11.0.x.

    1. First of all, upgrade your iTunes version that you might have installed on your PC/Mac in case if you are still using the older version. Besides, you will be in need of iOS 11.0.x IPSW file in order to perform the downgrade. If you don’t have that already, download the file now. Once downloaded, continue to step 2.
    2. In the second step, do a bit of priming to get your device ready for performing the downgrade. So, go to Settings on your idevice and browse to Find My iPhone in iCloud. Make sure that this option is turned off. If you have to turn it off now, you’ll need the iCloud password to your account here.
    3. Now, connect your iPhone or iPad to the desktop you are using with USB. It will also be necessary here that you enable Recovery or DFU mode on your device. You can do this by holding down Home and Power buttons together and holding till ten seconds. Apple logo will appear and you can release power button but make sure that Home button is still pressed until you get a message from iTunes that a device has been detected in the Recovery Mode. This method works only on device before iPhone 7
    4. Next, hold Option key on your Mac and then select Restore iPhone option in iTunes. But if you’re using a Windows PC then you’ll have to press Shift button before selecting Restore iPhone option. As a result, you’ll be prompted to select the IPSW file that you had earlier downloaded to your machine.
    5. Select the file and continue.

    Afterwards, iTunes will continue with the installation process and the firmware will be installed on your connected device and your iOS will be downgraded. Once the installation is complete, you will have to go through the same setup process which you’re already used to.

    So, that’s how you can downgrade iOS 11 on your iPhone/iPad running iOS 11.1.2. Just follow the steps and get back to the desired iOS 11 version.

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