How To Downgrade iOS 11.3 On Your iPhone/iPad?

    You might already be aware that Apple has recently made its official launch of iOS 11.3 for general public. Now, it means that anyone with compatible iPhone and iPad models can now update directly to the latest iOS version and it would be over-the-air installation.

    If we were to believe historical trends, a large number of device owners might already have done that. But if you’ve also upgraded to the latest version and are now thinking otherwise, you’d be interested in a roll back to previous public firmware i.e. iOS 11.2.6. As Apple hasn’t yet stopped signing iOS 11.2.6, here are the steps you’ll have to follow to move back to the previous version.

    Important Note: Keep it in mind that if you’ve backed up your device using iCloud or iTunes after upgrading to iOS 11.3, you won’t be able to restore that backup once your device gets back to the previous iOS version. These backups are not backwards compatible.

    With that being clear, let’s now get into the details of how you can downgrade to iOS 11.2.6. Just follow the steps given below.

    1. First download iOS 11.2.6 file using your iPhone/iPad/iPod.
    2. As soon as you have that, disable Find My iPhone feature on your device. For that you will have to go to iCloud in Settings and then tap Find My iPhone. Just slide off this feature.
    3. Next, launch iTunes from your PC or Mac. Connect your iPhone/iPad and enable Recovery or DFU mode.
    4. Once your device gets into the DFU mode, you have done the basics and your device is just ready to downgrade. Just go to the iTunes again and press and hold Shift key (Windows) or Option key (Mac) and simply click on Restore iPhone. Once asked, select iOS 11.2.6 IPSW file that was downloaded in the first step.
    5. iTunes will now take over and initiate the restore process on your iPhone/iPad. You will get a message once the process is completed and your device will now be on iOS 11.2.6.

    No matter how much we like the latest iOS versions, you may still want to keep yourself on the stable version which, in this case, is iOS 11.2.6. So, if you had upgraded out of excitement, just follow the steps given above to downgrade.

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