Guide To Downgrading tvOS 11.2.5 To tvOS 10.2.2 On Apple TV 4

Guide To Downgrading tvOS 11.2.5 To tvOS 10.2.2 On Apple TV 4

You might have got too excited when you first heard about Greeng0blin jailbreak coming for Apple TV and then all that excitement could have vanished just because you realized you were not using tvOS 10.2.2 anymore. Well, there’s good news for you. Here we’ve discussed exactly how you can downgrade your latest tvOS firmware to the jailbreak compatible tvOS 10.2.2.

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For some reason, at this point, Apple is still signing tvOS 10.2.2 and that means you can very much downgrade to it so that your Apple TV is Greeng0blin compatible. The efforts of Kevin Bradley have allowed owners of Apple TV 4 to liberate their TV and have that amazing NitoTV experience. Here are all the requirements and step by step guide for downgrading your firmware to 10.2.2 version.

Requirements for Downgrading To tvOS 10.2.2

Here are three major requirements that you need to fulfill for downgrading to tvOS 10.2.2:

  • You must have latest iTunes version on your Mac/PC
  • You must be in possession of required tvOS 10.2.2 IPSW file
  • You must be patient enough and have luxury of time to run yourself through the process

How To Downgrade tvOS 11.2.5 to tvOS 10.2.2

Once all the requirements mentioned above are fulfilled, follow the steps given below for downgrading your tvOS on Apple TV 4.

  1. First of all, connect Apple TV to a computer using USB-C cable. Launch iTunes if it’s not already open or launched automatically.
  2. Go to the section where you can find information related to Apple TV that you’ve just connected. Press and hold Option/Alt key when using Mac or Shift key when using Windows PC and simultaneously click the button labeled ‘Restore Apple TV’ from iTunes.
  3. In the window that opens up, go to the location where you have saved tvOS 10.2.2 IPSW file and then select it. Keep in mind that here iTunes will restore that file to your device and wipe clean everything else that you may have stored on your Apple TV.
  4. There will be several informative prompts that you can see on the iTunes window. Make sure to accept them for ensuring expected completion of restore.

iTunes will now continue as it should. Just be patient until it completes and once it does you’ll have tvOS 10.2.2 running on your Apple TV. Afterwards, you’ll be ready to experience Greeng0blin and everything it has to offer.

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