Download iOS 11 Beta 1 To Your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Now

If you’re following updates from Apple since the WWDC last week, you’d be anticipating iOS 11 beta 1 IPSW download links. Well, they are live now and allow you to download the OS for your compatible iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Let’s get into some details.

Opening keynote at WWDC this year was used by Apple for announcing its iOS 11 beta 1 release for developers. It was considered a great opportunity by company’s executives to give first official look of the latest iOS 11 in front of a captive crowd.

Anyone who is registered with the Developer Program of Apple can go ahead instantly and put their hands on first pre-release iOS 11 seed so that they could be able to develop their grip over the changes and enhancements that this new iOS comes with. But if you are not registered in Developer Program then you will have to wait for some time and soon that iOS 11 beta will be available publicly.

Download iOS 11 Beta 1 To Your iPhoneiPadiPod Touch Now

As it turns out, the new iOS will be supported only on 64-bit devices as Apple has now decided to revoke support for the older 32-bit iPhones/iPads/iPods. The seed that has been released right now is actually the upgrade that Apple announces annually for resetting its release cycle before beginning to focus on the new major iOS version featuring tangible, noticeable improvements. Over last several months, Apple had made it a point to regularly push out minor improvements to their iOS 10 so that they could streamline and push it forward. The improvements were all quite necessary and worth installing on the compatible devices. However, the minor upgrades of this nature can’t do too much for raising the experience you can have with your device. Though it’s necessary to have such security updates and improvements, but what’s actually exciting for the masses is the release of full-fledge software packages.

Well, iOS 11 is just in its beginning strides and first ever developer seed that has been released could give opportunity to avid developers for putting this new iOS through the paces. They’d want to try their apps to see if they are compatible with the new iOS or not. Besides, they’ll put themselves on the right track to make iOS 11 compatible software and apps and launch them before the final version is released. In fact, Apple will also be doing all the testing be convinced that the firmware is just ready for upcoming iPhone 8 that is expected to be released in the markets later in the year.

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As it used to be the case previously, we are expecting the finalized initial version of iOS to be released somewhere around the mid of September and both the iOS and the latest iPhone 8 will ship together. You check our post 10 Exciting New Things Introduced In iOS to find out everything that this new iOS is expected to come up with.

As far as the download links are concerned, you can have a go at them by visiting and choose to download the beta 1 of iOS 11 for your supported iOS device.

After downloading the latest iOS, just follow the installation instructions for your device and have it installed to your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Now, the beta 1 download is also available through OTA configuration profile too. So, choose whatever method you like and get the iOS 11 up and running on your device to taste what it’s actually like.