Download iPhone XS & Apple ‘Gather Round’ Event Wallpapers Here

Download iPhone XS & Apple 'Gather Round' Event Wallpapers Here

When Apple first came up with the dates of its upcoming iPhone event and sent invitations to world’s press to attend this event, the things which happens regularly, happened.

As Apple is really good when it comes to picking up some great art pieces for the invitations, these invitations are usually used as iPhone, Mac and Apple Watch wallpapers by many. So, as soon as the invitations were sent out, it became a quick trend as people started looking for wallpapers to download based on the iPhone invitation 2018. And, thankfully, here we have them.

In addition, we’ve also got a wallpaper coming straight out of iPhone XS as it got leaked before actually hitting the market. And, obviously, it can be downloaded right away as well.

Beginning with ‘Gather Round’ event, there are seven different Matt Birchler-created images which have been brought together according to artwork used by Apple for its recent event invitations. You can also download that golden circle image in different colors as it looks quite similar to the Apple Park up above and is believed to be associated with Apple Watch series 4 that is yet to come.

The release of wallpapers based on Apple’s invitation has become more of a tradition and, as always, we have many of them available in variety of colors and all of them are high resolution (3840×3840). That means, they’ll look good almost on any screen regardless of its size and specifications.

With their cool, square and large resolution, the Birchler’s wallpapers really look great regardless of where you want to use them. Right now, the major conundrum is that which color one should go with.

However, Birchler isn’t the only person to create some wonderful wallpapers. If you check out at Twitter, prolific AR7 is working really hard as well. There are many wallpapers that can be downloaded now and they all include the circular logo from Apple along with the wonderful gold coloring.

Designed for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and even for Apple Watch, it’s advised that you should download them all because they are just amazing and you can’t really imagine to have such wide variety to choose your favorite wallpapers from.

To conclude, the much-awaited iPhone XS wallpapers have just arrived due to the latest leak courtesy 9to5Mac and you can download them here.

The September 12 event of Apple will come up with the launch of latest iPhones and the rumors are around that there will be an Apple Watch upgrade coming up as well. The upgraded models of iPad Pro and Mac are expected to come up later this year. But still, we can’t rule out the possibility of these gadgets coming along as well.