Enjoy Free Apple Music For Up To 5 Months With Shazam On iPhone/iPad

    New Apple Music users already get a free trial to enjoy the service without paying for a limited period, but now the Shazam users who are just starting out can get an additional five months of free Apple Music as well.

    To avail this deal, the users only have to download the Shazam app on their Apple devices from the Apple App Store and then identify a song using the app. After that, they need to tap a button to play that song through Apple Music and they’ll get the freebie right there.

    The offer has also been confirmed by Apple through the Shazam App Store page, and the deal is already available to iPhone/iPad users from a range of countries.

    “Holiday Offer through 1/17/21! Download & Shazam a song to receive up to 5/mo free of Apple Music. New Apple Music users in GB, AU, US, CA, IN, NO, SE & more, terms apply.”

    This offer will be available until January 17, 2021 and that means the new Shazam users still have lots of time left to be able to download the app and take advantage of this deal. Apple Music would normally cost you $9.99 a month, and that means the deal is about to save you around $50 if you get through 5 months of Apple Music.

    You can download the Shazam app from the Apple App Store right now and it is also available for free. So, go grab it now if you haven’t already.

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