ESPN+ Subscription Now Available For iOS, Android, Chromecast And Apple TV

    ESPN has just launched ESPN+ – Disney’s latest direct-to-consumer platform that was announced only a week ago.

    The launch is the very first of its type from Disney and it is accessible on as well as through a redesigned ESPN app for tvOS and iOS. If you have been using the TV app from Apple then you’ll also be able to access ESPN+ across all the devices with the same method. In addition, ESPN+ is accessible on Chromecast and Android devices as well.

    The app users will keep receiving free content including things like sports news and scores, whereas media such as highlights and the selective on-demand or live audio content is available through instant streaming. There’s an exclusive ESPN+ area as well that includes a large database of live sporting events and TV programs, movies, etc. ESPN+ will give access to content according to favorite teams, leagues and sports of individual users and that simply means they’ll be able to access content that is suited specifically to their personal tastes.

    At the moment, ESPN+ is available only to people residing in the US and it costs them $4.99/month. However, yearly payments will allow them to save as well owing to the fact that they’re required to pay $49.99 for the yearly subscription. With a current launch week promotion, ESPN+ users will be able to try it out for free for an initial 30 days period.

    ESPN+ Subscription Now Available For iOS,

    If you subscribe, here’s what type of live content you can expect to access:

    espn subscriptionThough the available content is still subjected to the blackouts of local media, anyone can download the app right away and it comes for free as well.

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