Here’s Everything You Can Expect From Apple’s Keynote On September 12

    So, we’re almost there and September 12 event from Apple is just around the corner. As we expect, there are going to be some major announcements from Apple during this event. And, even though we think we have good amount of information as to what Apple is going to announce at this event, still there can be a lot of surprises coming our way.

    And, even if that doesn’t happen, the information about the event that we already have is good enough to look forward to it. With only few days left until we have new iPhones, wearables, and set-top boxes unveiled, let’s look at some of the major announcements that are expected to be made at Apple’s September 12 Keynote event.

    iPhone X/ iPhone Edition

    Though we’re not yet sure what Apple will call its new iPhone 8, but we are pretty much sure as to what it’s going to look like. It will feature new design that will be made out of stainless steel and glass having 5.8” bezel-free OLED display. It is expected to come with vertical cameras with dual-lens around its back and an eye towards ARKit from Apple. The front camera will also be something special and will feature 3D facial recognition capabilities that suggest Apple will be ditching Touch ID this time around and that’s going to happen for first time after the introduction of Touch ID.

    The new iPhone is expected to offer support for wireless charging first time ever in an iPhone as well. However, if you are expecting a cheap iPhone, that’s not going to happen. No matter which color you opt for, the starting price for the new iPhone is set at $1000 and it will go as high as $1200.

    iPhone 7s/Plus Or iPhone 8/Plus

    iPhone 7s/Plus Or iPhone 8/Plus


    Normally, this release would have been an exciting one if it were not for above described model, but, unfortunately, iPhone 7s will be forgotten too easily. That’s a shame as even though the overall design for the new iPhone 7s will be same as previous model but that’s not at all something bad. Inside, the phone will have a faster CPU. However, the back is going to feature redesigned glass panel that will allow lower-end iPhone model to extend support for wireless charging as well.

    Apple Watch Series 3

    Apple Watch Series 3


    A refreshed version of Apple Watch is definitely due and we can expect anything to be introduced next i.e. it can have similar physical appearance to currently existing wearables from Apple, or it may be completely different. Whatever it is going to be, there is consensus on new LTE watch version that will use an eSIM. There will be other additional features as well that all will combine to make sure that you don’t have to keep your iPhone around all the time.

    Software Updates

    Every Apple event comes with some software updates and we have seen this in the past as well. There are a lot of software updates that Apple is expected to introduce this year and it doesn’t matter if they all arrive at September 12 event or not. Something new can be expected with iOS 11, watchOS 4, tvOS 11 and the macOs High Sierra along with GM releases for software currently available in beta.

    4K+HDR Apple TV

    Good news is there for Apple TV users as well. Now is the time for an update to be introduced in Apple TV as it will now offer support for HDR and 4K. Over time, Apple has pushed some 4K content on its iTunes Store, therefore, it will imminently make a shift to 4K andwhether it happens during this event or not, it’s going to happen soon.Apple TV is also expected to get some sort of CPU bump as well, however, any massive changes can’t be expected for Apple TV at this time.

    So, stay tuned! There will be a lot more coming from the September 12 event as it happens in a few days. Let’s see what Apple plans to come up with.

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