A Foldable iPhone Model Under Works For 2020 Launch – Rumors

A Foldable iPhone Model Under Works For 2020 Launch – Rumors

Apple is expected to come up with three new iPhone models this year, all eyes are already on what we can expect by year 2020. Obviously, being the last year of the decade, it carries some real importance and every brand will be targeting this year to introduce something big and so does Apple.

Wamsi Mohan, Bank Of America Merrill Lynch analyst, is of the view that Apple might introduce an all-new foldable iPhone that could also be turned into an iPad to double its function.

According to him, the device could be folded in its middle that will potentially open it up to ‘double as a tablet’ and that will make it to function as both your smartphone and something like an iPad.

This prediction from Mohan was based around a particular research note acquired by CNBC. The said note was based around a week Mohan spent in Asia while meeting with different companies part of present supply chain of Apple and this is what made him believe that everything told to him during his visit will eventually result in a major change in the physical appearance of iPhones and the way they work in 2 years from now.

The foldable displays exist even today in the devices like iPhone X in a way that their edges can be folded to make certain industrial design possible. However, when you will be able to fold displays just as Mohan suggests, you will be folding its components as well and that will be a completely different story.

While there have been rumors about foldable iPhones coming in, the only thing we’re not sure of is the viability of timescales being mentioned even if patent is already in possession of Apple. We already have prototype devices which already behave and look like what Mohan has described, but they’re only the prototypes. We don’t know whether or not Apple will be able to turn such a prototype into a product ready to sell all over the world or not by 2020, it’s something that has raised some ears.

Unfortunately, we simply can’t see such an iPhone coming out just yet. Nevertheless, we do expect it to be possible eventually and it’s just the matter of time before we can have our hands on such a foldable iPhone.