Free Up Storage Using Dr. Clean For iOS 11 – Download Now No Jailbreak Needed

    Ten years into selling smartphones, Apple has finally decided to ship its iPhones as well as iPads with significant storage boost. Not many years ago, the smartphone manufacturer was selling mobile devices only with 16GB storage space and that too at the time when games and apps required lot bigger storages and it was a major concern for the users to manage their apps properly.

    Opting for a new hot-favorite game download just to reveal that there isn’t much space left behind on your device can be quite infuriating. However, there’s still some workarounds available and you can easily eek a bit of space on your iOS device without having to delete the apps at all.

    Free Up Storage Using Dr. Clean For iOS 11 - Download Now No Jailbreak N


    Well, you can do that with the help of Dr. Clean for iOS 11 which is a free app that you can simply download from App Store just like any other app out there. But we don’t know exactly till when it will be available like that owning to the fact that the way this app works it may not be allowed to stay there for too long. It actually makes space on your device by deleting some cache files which your iOS would preferably want to keep.So, the app actually violates several developer rules from Apple and the company doesn’t really have any tolerance for such things.

    So, that’s probably the reason why this app is expected to go away from App Store as soon as it is noticed by Apple. Nevertheless, it is available for download as of now and is a free download.

    Once you download the app, it’s pretty simple to use it. You just have to launch it, tap on “Start”and then simply wait for a couple of minutes. The testing of the app revealed that it makes somewhere around 1 GB to 1.5 GB extra space on your device. Be cautious, however, because the app deletes cache files that are kept around by the iOS for its optimal functioning. And, deleting those files might also affect the performance of your iOS as it will scramble for recreating those caches after Dr. Clean has done its job. It may also have its impact on the battery life of your device but we can’t say if it will be noticeable or not.

    So, if you like the concept of Dr. Clean for iOS 11 and want to take advantage of its capabilities for saving precious space on your iPhone/iPad then go ahead with the download. It’s available for free on App Store.

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