George Hotz Announces A New Device For Car Hacking

    Everyone knows George Hotz, at least now, who became famous several years back when he hacked iPhone as well as PS 3. George is featuring in the headlines once again now as, his driving startup, has launched a perceived toolkit which will let drivers better understand everything that’s going on in their cars. has introduced a hardware that can communicate with the Cabanna software from the company and will allow the drivers to be able to export everything that is collected by the sensors of the car and formulate a database with all that data.

    George Hotz Announces A New Device For Car Hacking
    Source: BusinessInsider.Com

    This database is formed as DBC file and the major goal behind is to create a data repository that contains everything provided by the sensors for all types of cars running on the roads. And, all that data will be collected by OBDII device which is being sold currently by All the cars that are made after 1996 feature such a port, and this new device will offer both USB and WIFI connectivity through which smartphones as well as other similar devices will be connected to the new device.

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    If this new idea from George appeals you, then you can order this new device for $88 now. However, bear in mind that currently they are not shipping the device because some more tests have to be performed for making sure that the new device works fine with all cars and the internal systems they have. But when the device ships, and Hotz himself hope that all data that will be collected with it is going to help in coming up with improved self-driving cars in the years to come. And, yes, they are calling this new device Panda.

    It is believed that Panda users will pair the device with chffr, which is a dashcam application developed previously by the same company i.e. And, when the pair will work in tandem on a car which has every type of compatibility with the device then it will be able to collect all sorts of information. According to Hotz, any luxury car which is made in 2005 or afterwards as well as a few other vehicles that have been made after 2010 will have the capability of sharing different kinds of information like fuel level, speed, engagement of the brakes and the ABS, etc. And, obviously, car freaks are really going to love that all.

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