How To Directly Get iGBA 2.0 Emulator On iOS 11 Device Without Jailbreak?

    If you are not aware of what iGBA Emulator actually is, it’s a wonderful web-based emulation experience which allows users to directly enjoy the Game Boy Advance games on their mobile devices. You don’t really need sideloadingsupport to get iGBA 2.0 Emulator on iOS 11 and there is no need for jailbreaking either. This version has particularly been rebuilt for offering an enhanced experience that is more rich in features than the previous ones. You must be waiting anxiously to get this thing onto your iOS 11 device now, so let’s get on with it right away.

    How ToGet iGBA 2.0 Emulator On iOS 11 Directly?

    How ToGet iGBA 2.0 Emulator On iOS 11 Directly?

    So, if you’re looking to get iGBA 2.0 emulator directly on your iOS 11 device, follow the steps given below and enjoy Game Boy Advance Games using the web browser on your device directly.

    How ToGet iGBA 2.0 Emulator On iOS 11 Directly1

    Remember that you don’t need to jailbreak your device for it to work.

    How ToGet iGBA 2.0 Emulator On iOS 11 Directly2

    1. First of all, go to the iGBAEmu website at using your Safari browser on the iPhone or iPad you are using. Make sure to use the same mobile on which you want to have the emulation experience after the process.
    2. Tap on Open iGBA that you can find below Reddit link.
    3. You’ll now be taken to another page where you are asked to prove you’re not a bot. This is just to avoid spam and all you need to do here is to tick the checkbox and subsequently tap relevant squares as asked for completing the process. Once you’ve been authenticated, tap on proceed button.
    4. Let the countdown finish before the download link is ready for you. As soon as the countdown finishes, tap Get Link button.
    5. Now you will find yourself on the page having all the pertinent information related to iGBA 2.0. Just tap Get Started button and your emulation experience will begin.
    6. As soon as you get into the emulator, it will be necessary for you to add some ROMs so that you can play your desired Game Boy Advanced games. Add ROM button can be selected under iGBA header for manually adding games.How ToGet iGBA 2.0 Emulator On iOS 11 Directly3You can also go for that shopping bag icon available at top right side for viewing ROMs archives that you can add to the library with just one tap.


    How ToGet iGBA 2.0 Emulator On iOS 11 Directly4


    That’s how you can get iGBA 2.0 Emulator on iOS 11. You can now be able to have the link saved on your device’s Home Screen just like any other app icon.All you have to do is to launch it when needed to enjoy a perfect emulation experience with Game Boy Advance right from the web browser on your device.

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