How To Close Apps On iPhone?

    Generally speaking, iOS is quite a smart platform and it doesn’t allow apps to continue running in the background and consume your system resources or battery life. However, things go wrong sometimes and you need to do something about it before ending up in an even bigger trouble. It’s quite possible for apps to malfunction and go unresponsive or it can start eating your data in background. Whatever the case may be, you shouldn’t find it hard to close the problematic app because all it takes is a single flick. Don’t know how to close apps on iPhone? Here’s how you can do that!

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    How To Close Apps On iPhone?

    Here are the steps that you need to follow if you don’t know how to close apps on iPhone.

    How To Close Apps On iPhone-How To Close Apps on iPhone

    1. In order to close an app on your iPhone, you should open app switcher simply by double-pressing the Home Button. It will open up quite a few icons in the form of app thumbnails and you can swipe through them to switch to a different app by tapping its thumbnail.
    2. However, if you want to close the app that is creating an issue, you just need to swipe its thumbnail up so that it’s flicked off the screen. It is possible to close as many apps as you like in the same manner.
    3. After closing the desired apps, you can simply tap a different app that you want to use now or just press Home button for getting back to the Home Screen.

    Normally, you don’t really need to quit apps unless they are causing some sort of issues. However, one may still need to clean out their app switcher off and on so that the system might not be overloaded or they may not have to kill 30 apps at once.

    How To Close Apps On iPhone X?

    If you are on the latest iPhone X from Apple, you might have a bit different procedure to follow. Here’s what you need to do.

    Just put a finger towards bottom of your iPhone display and simply swipe it up. Doing so will close the said app and you will be back on home screen.

    However, if you have an unresponsive app and you don’t know how to close apps on iPhone X when they go unresponsive, here’s how to force quit them.

    How To Close Apps On iPhone X-How To Close Apps On iPhone

    1. Put the finger at bottom of your device’s display and swipe up. Don’t leave for almost half a second. App Switcher will appear and your apps will be there in the form of a cards’ deck stacked from left-to-right.
    2. Long press your iPhone screen and a small minus sign will appear towards top left of every app in the menu.
    3. Just put your finger on that particular app which you wish to force quit and swipe up or simply tap on that minus icon.

    In case, if some app still consumes lots of battery power or data consistently while running in background, you should better turn background app refresh feature off for that particular app. You can do that by going to Settings, tapping on General and then Background App Refresh. Just locate the app that is causing issues and slide that toggle in front of it to ‘Off’.

    Nevertheless, now you know how to close apps on iPhone as well as latest iPhone X and it shouldn’t be a problem for you anymore to get rid of those unresponsive apps and the ones that you simply want to quit because they consume resources in the background. Have Fun!

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