How To Enable/Disable Smart HDR On Your iPhone XS/iPhone XS Max/iPhone XR?

    Apple has released its three new iPhone models this year that all support the latest iOS 12. Be it iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR, all of them are proving to be a smashing hit and people are really loving the new releases so far. Things have got even better with the latest HDR functionality that all these new iPhones come equipped with. Generally, it’s been among the most appreciated features for those avid photographers and people will surely continue to love it as well. In case, if you’re in search of more control over the proceedings and want to turn Smart HDR off on your new iOS device, here we have all the information you need to look at.

    Before we get into the details, let’s find out a bit more about this particular feature. It’s been introduced for letting the new iOS to be able to utilize HDR computational photography procedure whenever you’re looking to capture best images through successively snapping the images one by one automatically. And, of course, the feature is enabled in the default setting of the new iPhones.

    As a result, the images you capture have better accuracy and detail as they are created with the help of multiple versions being captured. Not everyone would like to have such detail, however, all the time. And, if you’re also one of them, here is a look at the steps you need to take for using HDR manually.

    How To Disable Smart HDR?

    Here is a step by step look at disabling smart HDR feature in new iPhones.

    1. Go to Settings on your iPhone XS/iPhone XR/iPhone XS Max and choose Camera option.
    2. When you’re in the Camera app, you’ll find the Smart HDR option there. Ensure that this toggle is switched off.
    3. That’s it, it’s pretty simple. Now, as you have turned the Smart HDR feature off, you can still use HDR by manually invoking the feature at the time of capturing your photographs while using the built-in Camera application.

    As you will use HDR feature manually at the time of snapping photographs through stock Camera application on your iPhone, you’ll be able to access three different options through that yellow-colored HDR button which appears on your Camera application interface. These are as follows:

    1. On: This activates HDR and it’ll be active while capturing images
    2. Off: This one turns the feature off completely and the image that results is captured without any HDR enhancements.
    3. Auto: It is to determine whether you’ll be using HDR or not. However, it won’t re-enable Smart HDR option if you have turned it off.

    For most of the iPhone users, Smart HDR will always be quite useful and they will make sure that it remains activated. It is common for some to use their Camera application quickly for capturing some of the impromptu photographs for which they do not want to control the settings or they just don’t have time to get into how those images are captured. For those more experienced iPhone users, however, who have a better understanding of technology, complete control over their Camera settings is more important than anything else. They want to know how their photographs are being captured and would like to use the HDR feature manually more often than not. They want to be in total control and want their images to be captured with their desired settings.

    So, use Smart HDR on your new iPhone in whatever way you like. You can always enable/disable this wonderful feature and get the quality of your photographs to your liking. Happy Snapping!

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