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How To Stream Xbox One Games And Play Them On iOS iPhone/iPad

If you are an avid Xbox gamer, you would love to know that OneCast is now available for the iOS devices too after making its initial mark on Windows 10 platform for PCs and also on Macs. What this means is that anyone who has an iPhone/iPad would now be able to use the device as their Xbox One screen if they are both on same network to allow for a wonderful remote play experience.

This cool functionality comes in handy when somebody else is willing to watch TV and your Xbox One is also connected to it but you don’t want your session to be ended yet. Now that’s something many of us struggle with. Even though playing the games on iPhone/iPad is not comparable at all to playing it on your 65” huge TV screen, it is hell lot better compared to not even having a chance to play the game.

Even though you can stream PS4 on various platforms already, including the iOS devices, Xbox One support on iPhone/iPad is definitely welcomed.

If you have OneCast installed on your iOS device, you can expect a 1080p video and controller options including both on-screen or actual Xbox controller as long as the connection support. Remember, however, that the controller must be very close to Xbox One in order to work.

There is also support available for the MFI controllers so that you don’t have to ditch the experience just because you didn’t have the primary option of Xbox One controller to be used.

Some cool features of OneCast include:

  • Support for 1080p HD video for a smooth, crisp gameplay.
  • Highly tuned performance without much lag.
  • Different control methods including Xbox One wireless controller, MFI game controllers, or virtual on-screen controller
  • Support for multiple profiles so that different Xbox Live gamertags or Xbox One consoles can be used
  • Quick & easy one time setup that completes within seconds
  • Virtual on-screen controller customization as per your needs

If you think that’s all what you need to have a perfect xbox one gaming experience, you can buy OneCast from App Store right away. It will cost you only $11.99 and is definitely more inexpensive compared to buying a new TV set.

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