How To Use Cloudflare Free DNS Servers For Speeding Up Web Browsing On iOS And Mac

    As far as the DNS world is concerned, it is likely for most people to use the servers offered by the ISPs they’re using. There are others who take advantage of free servers from Google; however, while DNS is needed by everyone there only a few who’re really clear about what it actually does and which servers or service they should be using for achieving best results.

    Well, if you’re not much familiar with DNS, it’s a mechanism that allows computers to take web URLs and turn them into IP addresses that are used by web servers. The conversion happens relatively quickly and there are a few options available that make it even quicker. While the servers of your ISP may work, they won’t be translating URLs into the IP addresses at a speed at which Google’s servers would do, for instance.

    Recently, Cloudflare has started offering DNS servers for free and they’re probably the ones to go for. And, as far as the speed is concerned, Cloudflare should be your top choice. Along with that added speed, you’d love the fact that Cloudflare also promises not to keep any logs of whatever your internet activity may be after 24 hours.

    How To Use Cloudflare Free DNS

    So, if all that sounds attractive, by now you should be wondering how exactly you can use Cloudflare. Whether you’re using a Mac or an iOS device, you have to follow slightly different methods but none of them are too complicated. Here methods for both iOS and Mac are described step by step so that you can have an idea how to use Cloudflare free DNS servers on your device.

    Using Cloudflare On iOS

    Here are the steps to follow for using Cloudflare on iOS:

    1. Go to Settings app on your iOS device and select Wi-Fi
    2. Tap on ‘i’ button present right in front of the network to which you’re connected
    3. Scroll down until you reach screen’s bottom and choose the option labeled Configure DNS and then tap on Manual
    4. For using Cloudflare servers, type in and in spaces where two addresses are required
    5. Tap Save and then exit Settings app.
    6. You’re good to go!

    Using Cloudflare On Mac

    Here are the steps to follow for using Cloudflare on Mac:

    1. Go to System Preferences by searching for it in Spotlight for quick access
    2. Select Network and then choose the network interface you’re using. It’s usually a LAN or Wi-Fi and there is ‘Connected’ written underneath it
    3. Click on ‘Advanced’ and then click on ‘DNS’ tab
    4. Click on ‘+’ button below the DNS Servers and then provide the DNS address of Cloudflare i.e.
    5. Click on ‘+’ button once more and provide as the address for your DNS server
    6. Click on ‘OK’ and close the System Preferences window

    Though there may not be a huge increase in the speed using Cloudflare DNS servers, making lots of DNS lookups browsing so many different web pages will allow you to notice that difference significantly. And, obviously, speed matters regardless of how insignificant it may be.

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