Looking For The Alternative To iCleaner Pro For iOS 11 That Can Also Manage Jailbreaks For Electra Here’s What You Need

Looking For The Alternative To iCleaner Pro For iOS 11 That Can Also Manage

With the passage of time, increasing number of developers are starting to take on the latest jailbreak arena and embrace software and product packages that are offered to work with the jailbreaks on offer.

One such package, probably the latest among the lot, is Circuit Breaker. It is defined as the utility app for jailbreak management with Electra. Obviously, that means it can work with the jailbroken devices that used Electra for the jailbreak.

Previously, it was possible for iPhone owners to install tweaks and manage them directly from within Cydia. That included everything from browsing packages, installation of everything available for the desired firmware version, and also uninstalling and troubleshooting of packages if they didn’t work as intended. But with Cydia not getting an official update for iOS 11, it is not possible for Electra and other similar jailbreaks to bundle alternate App Store with payload. Even though things are expected to change soon owing to the work done by CoolStar to put together a Cydia mod, but there must be a way to bypass the limitations for now.

Well, that way is Circuit Breaker. It’s not been released as a Cydia Replacement, rather it offers users the interface which lets them manage specific aspects of everything they’ve installed on the iOS device quickly. For instance, the software quickly gives you a simple and straightforward interface that features a list of every single tweak that is installed on your device and corresponding toggle for enabling/disabling those packages. Now, that’s something quite handy when it comes to troubleshooting and narrowing down the issues with tweaks that are potentially unstable. Another function of Circuit breaker allows your iOS device to respring and rebuild uicache just with a tap of a button. That functionality was possible earlier with iCleaner Pro and the likes but, as the tweak didn’t get an update for iOS 11, Circuit Breaker could be the go to alternative.

Another nice functionality that comes with Circuit Breaker offers backups of themes and tweaks to whenever necessary. However, that’s not one of the many stable features of the package.

You may be just willing to wait out there until new release of Electra like many others and expect it to include Cydia version that was promised previously as well as official iCleaner Pro update for iOS 11. But, for now it would be better that you take advantage of great functionality on offer from Circuit Breaker. So, get it now and start availing all the functionality you’ve been waiting for.

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