Instagram Data Download Tool Now Available To Migrate Users

Instagram Data Download Tool Now Available To Migrate Users

Facebook, the popular social media company, now owns the massively famous photo sharing platform Instagram while the latter has recently come up with an announcement that it’d be releasing a data download tool that will allow all the users to download all their data scrap from its databases.

Now, within a couple of weeks of the initial announcement, the company has introduced the tool that will let users download their data including videos, photos, and messages that they had posted to the website or shared through it.

Instagram had already promised its users to provide them with a way for downloading all their stuff, and we now have the tool that will allow for the same. The tool can be downloaded from Instagram website, although there are reports that Android and iOS tools are both on the way.

While you’ll be able to access all your data through both the options, it is important that you know that this move from Instagram is partly because of EU GDPR law which will be taking effect in the next month and governs how companies will be collecting users’ data and using it in future.

Whatever may be the reason behind, it’s good to see the major social media player to let users get their data out easily. And, we hope that others will also follow this same example.

Now if you are interested in getting this data download tool, you can access it from

So, just get it and grab your data to keep it safe with you.

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