How To Install Circle/Rounded App Icons Theme In iOS 11 – No Jailbreak Needed

    If you are on the latest iOS 11 and are too conscious about the look and feel of the interface, you may want to know how to install circle/rounded app icons theme for the Home Screen of your device. Well, that’s very much possible with the help of file explorer that comes built into the iOS 11 async_wake exploit and you will be able to change the way your app icons appear on your Home Screen. This will change icons to a rounded/circular shape on devices running any version of iOS between iOS 11.0 – iOS 11.1.2. The best part is that you don’t even need a jailbreak, Mac or even a PC to take advantage of this thing.

    How To Install Circle/Rounded App Icons Theme In iOS 11

    So, let’s just not waste any more time and check out how it all works. To begin with, you will be required to install a few apps so that all this can happen. Here are the steps to follow.

    How To Install Circle/Rounded App Icons Theme In iOS 11

      1. First, you’ll be in need of FilzaJailed app on your iOS device. Basically, it’s a file explorer that iOS 11 users can take advantage of and is built with async_wake exploit introduced by Ian Beer that actually allows for the sort of modifications you’re looking forward to. Besides installing FilzaJailed, you should also have Documents app installed from App Store. After installing both these apps on your device, it’s time to move to the next step.
      2. Now you will need necessary icons which you can use for changing visual style of your device. You can download the library iOS 11.Use your iOS device for downloading the file and then open it with Documents app that you had downloaded earlier. You will be automatically prompted to choose the app for opening the said file, just make sure that you go with Documents there.
    1. Once it is downloaded, tap zip file that you can see in Documents and decompress it. After that, you can tap three dots at bottom right of new folder. Select Rename and name the file as ‘Libraryicons’ so that you can easily remember it for accessing the file in future.
    2. Now tap that three dots icon again on Libraryicons folder inside Documents app. Choose Share and then go for ‘Copy to FilzaJailed’. FilzaJailed app will now be invoked and passed across icons folder.
    3. You can now tap the folder and choose Themes folder. Inside the folder you will be able to find a list of themes that are available and each of these themes will have its own effect on the way icons appear on your iPhone’s Home Screen. Locate your desired option, choose it, select Bundles, and then select Now if you want the icons to have circle/rounded shape, opt for “(M)Cicle.theme”.
    4. Here you will be required to take some decisions and some specific icons will be shown with various naming conventions. There’s a universal ‘[email protected]’ file, select that. But if you are on one of the “Plus” devices from Apple or iPhone X, make sure that you also choose [email protected]~iPhone.png file as well. On standard devices, however, it should be @2x version of the file.
    5. Once you have selected them, select Copy option from bottom corner. Now, step back a few times until you’re in “/” directory and then select System>Library>PrivateFrameworks>MobileIcons.framework.
    6. Search “Spotlight” by tapping into search bar. Hold down on result and tap More and then tap Open In before selecting Documents app. This way, you will be able to generate your backup copy of all original icons from Apple. The same can be done for “app icon mask” and then you can copy one you’re replacing into the Documents app.
    7. Now select Clipboard icon where you have to Paste. An alert will now pop up and tell you that you’re going to place some files in the structure that already contains some files with same name. Tap ‘Apply To All’ before you hit ‘Replace’ option.
    8. Again go back to “/” and select var/containers/Shared/SystemGroup/ and search the one that’s appended with .iconscache extension.
    9. Choose Library/Caches/ and choose Edit. Tap on top circle for selecting all the files inside the directory. Now, select ‘Trash’ icon for confirming deletion.

    Congratulations! You’re done here. You can now exit FilzaJailed app and will be required to restart your iPhone/iPad so that all the changes you have made above can become effective. That will complete the process and you will be able to see new design of the app icons as selected in the settings you have made. So, you can get on with it now and see how the new rounded icons look like on your iOS device.

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