Install Whatsapp++ On Your iOS 11 Device Without Jailbreak

    If you’ve always wanted Whatsapp messenger on your new iOS 11 device, it’s about time that you have it. The Whatsapp++ for iOS 11 is now available and it doesn’t even require any jailbreak whatsoever for it all to work.
    The new Whatsapp++ comes with everything that you can enjoy on original Whatsapp messenger. However, it also has to offer some additional new features as well such as custom themes, stealth mode, no limits on sending media items in messages, and Touch ID and passcode support if you like to keep everything inside the app safe from intruders. So, if you want to have all that on your new iOS 11 device, don’t waste any time and install it right away. Here are the steps that you need to follow for that.

    Steps For Installing Whatsapp++ On Your iOS 11 Device

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    1. Installation of Whatsapp++ on your iOS 11 device without a jailbreak can’t be possible without the IPA file that you will have to sideload for the installation purposes. So, first grab the Whatsapp++ IPA and then follow the steps given below.
    2. The next step is to sideload the IPA file that you have just downloaded to your iOS 11 device. Obviously, you don’t have it on the App Store and that’s why you went for the IPA so you have to think of other things that you can do. Actually, there are two methods that you can try for sideloading the app onto your device and they are as under:

    • Sideloading Whatsapp++ using Xcode (Mac Only): How To Sideload Apps On iOS By Using Xcode 7? No Jailbreak Needed
    • Sideloading Whatsapp++ using Cydia Impactor (Windows/Mac): Steps To Sideload iOS Apps On Windows And Mac Using Cydia Impactor

    3. Choosing any of the two above mentioned options you can be able to sideload the app to your device. However, it doesn’t end here. The app won’t work unless you tell your iOS that it is something from a trusted developer. For that, you will have to open the Settings app and go to Profiles & Device Management in General. Find the profile for the app that you have just sideloaded onto your device and trust it.
    4. You can trust the profile by tapping that Trust button you can see right in the center of the screen. Tap Trust again when prompted. Now your iOS will trust that profile and you will be able to use the app.
    5. Just exit Settings and go to Home screen where you can launch the app by tapping its icon. It will launch and you can use it as you normally do with other apps.
    That’s all, enjoy using WhatsApp++ on your iOS 11 device without a jailbreak and that too with added features.

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