Try Installer 5 For iOS 11 As Your Cydia Alternate

Try Installer 5 For iOS 11 As Your Cydia Alternate

A great news for tweakers is that jailbreak community is still alive and working with all the passion to bring the latest jailbreaks for iOS devices. It’s been confirmed by Jay Freeman, the general maintainer and creator of Cydia, that he’s working with few old-school names in jailbreak world in order to come up with iOS 11 jailbreak compatibilities. Now, we’re going to witness reemerging of another big name from jailbreak archives, as it’s now confirmed that the Installer 5 will be soon be coming out.

If you have long been in the community for long then you’d definitely recognize this name right away. You’d also be aware that there hasn’t been any publicity for it and didn’t make a real-world appearance since the Installer version 4 that came to the scene in 2011. It was Nullriver and Ripdev to introduce it back then.

At that time, the Installer came with amazing skeuomorphic design as well as user interface which is quite unrecognizable as far as modern day aesthetic standards are concerned. Well, just keep those things aside for a moment, it appears that there was lot of confusion spreading around whether Cydia will be updated for iOS 10 and iOS 11 or not. So, it led to rebuilding of Installer all the way from scratch as a modern jailbreak tool and it will be released as Installer 5. Infini_Devteam and Sam Guichelaar are handling this Installer rebuild and it is promised at the official website of Installer 5 that this app will soon be available for iOS 11 devices that have been jailbroken.

There is some information provided on what exactly Installer 5 is and helps newbies in getting familiar with app’s historical releases and confirms that the app is free and open source package manager that can be taken advantage of on jailbroken devices running iOS 10 and iOS 11.

To put it simply, Installer 5 is going to be the alternative to Cydia and will come complete with different packages for installing it to device directly, source management, and managing and updating capabilities for packages that have already been installed. Despite the fact that it is great news in itself for jailbreak community, it does not directly negate need of update to Substrate or Cydia because Installer 5 does not offer any kind of compatibility for the packages that rely on functioning Substrate version and is not a direct replacement. Some community members have even described it as an attempt to solve an issue that actually does not exist.

The team working on Installer 5 has not provided any particular details about the release, however, and all we know is that it will arrive soon. So, stay tuned and keep waiting for the Installer 5 to arrive.

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