Installing Facebook++ On iOS 11 Device Without Jailbreak

There are so many ++ app versions out there for the iOS users and increasing number of popular apps have now started taking this route. The latest among them is Facebook++ and it has really turned out to be a popular alternative to the Facebook app on jailbroken devices. It can be downloaded through Cydia on those devices and adds new touch of functionality to the original app.

However, now all that power and control comes to non-jailbroken devices on which the app can be loaded using its IPA file. Previously, this was possible for the devices running iOS 10 but, with Apple releasing its major iOS 11 version, it’s now compatible with the latest iOS devices as well. You can now use it on your latest iPhone/iPad running iOS 11.

Facebook++ On iOS 11

When it comes to functionality, you can expect Facebook++ to offer all the key features of Facebook App. There’s Messenger and News Feed experience available as well and you don’t need to go anywhere else to access these. All the messages come with timestamps, and you can send unlimited number of images in the conversations as well. VoIP calls can also be disabled if you want to.

Besides these typical features, the Facebook++ app also offers quite a few new enhancements to the way News Feed actually works. You can now be able to copy your videos to clipboard directly and things will appear in proper chronological order instead of what the app finds important or popular.

So, if you have bought the new iPhone 8 or have just upgraded your iPhone/iPad to latest iOS 11, you can get this app onto your iOS device right away. In fact, if you have already been using different ++ versions of the apps then you’d love the idea. So, if you want it on your new iOS device, first download the compatible Facebook++ IPA and then move it to your device.

After grabbing the IPA file, it’s time to get on with the installation. The process here remains the same like on similar devices with iOS 10 and it is called sideloading the apps. Once you are up for sideloading the app on your device, check out this guide on how to sideload apps on your non-jailbroken devices. It’s a straightforward process. All you have to ensure is that you’re using right IPA to install Facebook++. That’s all! Enjoy using the app on your non-jailbroken device and access all the wonderful new features.