Installing OTA Update For tvOS 11 On Your Apple TV 4

    As Apple has launched the new tvOS 11, almost every Apple TV 4 user is looking forward to downloading and installing the latest tvOS and making use of all the latest features that it has to offer. Well, there are a couple of options available for updating your tvOSon 4th-gen Apple TV devices. First is through OTA update while the other is through iTunes. Let’s take a look at how your Apple TV can be updated to the latest tvOS using OTA update for tvOS 11.

    Keep it in mind, however, that if you have set your Apple TV 4 on automatic update then you don’t really have to do anything as your device will handle everything itself. But if you want to do things on your own, you can force your Apple TV to check out for any OTA update for tvOS 11 available immediately, and it will install latest updates right away.

    How To Install OTA Update For tvOS 11?

    How To Install OTA Update For tvOS 11?
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    So, if you want to keep things under your control then here is what you need to do for manually installing updates on your Apple TV 4.

    1. Press Home button from the remote of your Apple TV and go to Home screen of your device.
    2. Open Settings app on your device.
    3. Now navigate to System>Maintenance>Software Updates.
    4. Tap the Update Software button and wait until Apple TV checks for the latest updates available for the software.
    5. If some update is there, you’ll be informed by Apple TV about that and it will need your confirmation for installing the update.
    6. Click on Download & Install.
    7. The update will now be downloaded to your Apple TV. Just wait until download is completed.
    8. As soon as download is completed, click on Update Now.
    9. The screen will go black and white-colored Apple logo will show up. There will be some text on the screen as well to explain the current step in the update process. Just wait until your tvOS is completely updated.

    In order to confirm whether or not your OTA update for tvOS 11 has gone through successfully, repeat steps 1-4 again and the Apple TV will tell you that it’s up-to-date. Now that you’ve confirmed the new tvOS has been successfully installed, you can watch your favorite content on Apple TV and explore all its new wonderful features.

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