Apple Might Be Introducing Apple Pencil For iPhone

Some unnamed sources in the industry have revealed to The Korea Herald that Apple is planning to introduce Apple Pencil For iPhone, a stylus which can work with its iPhones.

The stylus, which is expected to be some Apple Pencil iteration, would probably need a new iPhone because of screen technology that will be needed for it to work. Due to this, Apple Pencil works only with iPad Pro and not on any of the other devices in the line.

Apple Pencil For iPhone Will Belong To Supercapacitor Stylus Type…

The sources report that Apple is in favor of introducing a Apple Pencil for iPhone belonging to “supercapacitor stylus type” for being able to introduce something cost-effective. The choice will also be different from the Galaxy Note pen from Samsung that uses electromagnetic resonance technology. As of now, only Galaxy Note comes with stylus which is its major differentiator. It’s something that still attracts people to Galaxy Note 7.

Apple is planning to come up with something that Steve Jobs, company’s late founder, had rejected outright i.e. introducing stylus with its iPhone.

According to some industry source, Apple is planning to introduce this iPhone by 2019 and is already in talks with some stylus makers to partner on this venture.

Apple Pencil was first launched by Apple with iPad Pro a couple of years back and has avoided it ever since for its smartphones. However, as Samsung is currently keeping this market segment completely to itself, Apple must be working on this idea at least to come up with a product to compete Samsung.

. Apple Might Be Introducing Apple Pencil


Steve Jobs, Former CEO at Apple, wasn’t a big supporter of introducing stylus for smartophones. However, as we know, back then stylus was used only as input mechanism and could only be used for navigating through the UI on the touchscreen smartphones instead of using fingers which is quite common place these days. Today, a stylus similar to Apple Pencil for iPhone would be more about annotation, drawing and different artistic chores instead of just navigating through the interface.