iOS 10.3.3 Beta 5 And macOS 10.12.6 Beta 5 Released

iOS 10.3.3 Beta 5 And macOS 10.12.6 Beta 5 Released

The latest development on part of Apple is that it has now released iOS 10.3.3 beta 5 for registered developers. It didn’t take even a week for Apple to release the new beta after the release of iOS 10.3.3 beta 4.

Considering the fact that beta 5 of iOS 10.3.3 doesn’t come with so many major changes, it makes little sense that Apple has gone this far and has released 5 different betas for the iOS. There might have been some really important bugs that Apple might have noticed at the last moment and were looking to fix before releasing the firmware as a public download.

Talking about the changes coming with iOS 10.3.3, besides a few new wallpapers, the firmware doesn’t really come with anything new that we can talk about. There are the same bug fixes, under-the-hood improvements and security patches that combine to enhance your iPhone/iPad experience overall.

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As Apple is not signing iOS 10.3.1 anymore, and both developer and public betas available for iOS 11, the iOS 10.3.3 is soon going to be released for general public as well.

 iOS 10.3.3 Beta 5 And macOS 10.12.6 Beta 5 Released

As of now, if you have registered with either the developer program or tester program from Apple and have installed iOS 10 beta configuration profiles on your iPhone/iPad as well the OTA update for iOS 10.3.3 beta 5 can be downloaded easily from Software Update area in General tab of the Settings app. However, if you have chosen to go with the betas for the first time then you will have to browse and then get started there. Keep in mind, however, that the latest beta is not yet available for the testers and only developers can try it for now.

If you are after macOS beta releases, however, then you should know that macOS 10.12.6 beta 5 seed is also out for developers alongside this iOS beta.