iOS 11.3 0day Bug Revealed – Know How Crucial It Is For Potential Jailbreaks In Future

    Consistency is probably the key for keeping communities alive and moving forward. Besides, there should be something that people should anticipate in future. But sometimes situations arrive when jailbreak community doesn’t have any of the two. However, before you choose to downgrade iOS 11.3 and move back to the previous jailbreakable version of iOS, the good news is that it’s now confirmed that a new 0day bug has been revealed in the latest iOS 11.3. That means, there’s some hope alive now and we can expect something coming our way in near future.

    So, as you might’ve already known, Apple recently came up with the latest iOS 11.3 public version which meant all the compatible iPhone/iPad devices could run the latest firmware from the company.

    It also presented a dilemma to the jailbreakers, however, as they thought to move away from the stable jailbroken iOS 11.1.2 version and risk the jailbreak functionality they might have been enjoying. Min Zheng, Alibaba engineer, tweeted recently which raised the hopes for the jailbreak community for the jailbreak of latest iOS 11.3 as he confirmed Apple couldn’t patch the 0day bug as it shifted from pre-release version to the latest public iOS 11.3.

    Min Zheng, who’s currently the Senior Security Engineer working at Alibaba, has recently tweeted to his followers that Apple managed to overlook a 0day bug as they released iOS 11.3 version lately. He also shred a screenshot displaying Exception Type as well as Exception Subtype and the affected version of the OS.

    To be unfortunate, not much of info is available at the moment other than what has been presented above, and there’s been nothing from Zheng that indicates he’d be publicizing the information and releasing that bug into security community so that it could be investigated further and worked on.

    If you take a look at historical trends, just the news of this sort of bug means the impatient community would now be bombarding Zheng and asking him if the bug is relevant to the jailbreak and when they can expect a jailbreak to be released. That’s exactly the kind of behavior we experienced when a 0day bug discovery in iOS 11.3 betas was announced by Abraham Masri.

    That’s how it goes in today’s world, unfortunately, and we’d like to see whether Zheng continues to release write-up on the bug or some proof-of-concept. The news, for now, is that another 0day bug is revealed in the iOS 11.3 from Apple and this may lead to future jailbreaks.

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