iOS 11.3.1 Download Available Now With Third-Party Screen Repair Issue Fixed

    For all the iPhone/iPad owners, there’s some great news! Apple has come up with iOS 11.3.1 public release and it’s now available as IPSW download or over-the-air download.

    That’s a clear example of how Apple is planning to update its iOS on continuous basis and improving it for all the latest compatible devices.

    Tim Cook’s company has tilted the hat already when it comes to progression of the mobile platform. With iOS 11.3 recently released for public featuring all the latest improvements, feature additions and fixes, Apple seems to be on its toes to offer the ultimate best to its customers. Following on with the iOS 11.3, Apple has pushed out the iOS 11.4 version in pre-release allowing developers to run a test drive and find out what is out there.

    Now, along with iOS 11.4 beta, the latest release is that of iOS 11.3.1 which seems to be a minor bug update as suggested by its version number. And, apparently, its purpose seems to be ensuring that Apple continues to offer an enhanced experience to its users with its cutting-edge technology upgrades.

    Typically, Apple’s major iOS releases are followed by minor bug fixes and that’s exactly what we’ve seen here. Instead of offering new functionality or features, the iOS 11.3.1 update fixes a few niggles and bugs that have been spotted since the release of iOS 11.3 for general public.

    According to the iOS 11.3.1 changelog, here’s what we’ve got now:

    iOS 11.3.1 comes with security improvements for iPhone/iPad and also addresses the issue with unresponsive touch input on iPhone 8 due to being serviced with the non-genuine replacement displays.

    Important Note: Any non-genuine replacement displays might have their visual quality compromised or they may not work properly. Apple-certified screen repairs can only be performed by the trusted experts as they use only the genuine parts from Apple.

    It is also very much likely that quite a few security fixes have been incorporated in the latest release. Besides, this release has nothing to do with detracting importance of the iOS 11.4 that offers features like the latest ClassKit framework among many others. Overall, it has been a wonderful period of activity for iOS, Apple, and its global consumer-base.

    If you have the latest compatible 64-bit iPhone/iPad, you can access over-the-air update through Settings -> General -> Software Update. An alternate fresh installation with iTunes and IPSW is also possible.

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