iOS 11.3 Jailbreak Update – What’s The Latest

iOS 11.3 Jailbreak Update - What's The Latest

Min Zheng from Ali Baba has again taken advantage of his favorite social media platform to share something new with jailbreak community related to iOS 11.3 jailbreak.

Now, instead of confirming any more 0day bugs or kernel-level flaws, Zheng shares that he’s achieved kernel read/write. He was of the view that he, along with his team, will be working with Apple now to patch various bugs moving forward.

Going in the chronological order, Zheng first confirmed that he’d achieved read/write privileges with the kernel in iOS 11.3 which is currently the latest iOS version from Apple. This actually was a follow-up of his previous announcement where he had confirmed that breaking KASLR was very much possible on the latest iOS 11.3 and that it was relatively easier.

According to a latest communication on social media about this topic, breaking KASLR to gain arbitrary kernel read/write was possible on iOS 11.3 and an image accompanied the update as a proof. Though, it is not likely for a screen snippet to mean anything for most people.

In addition, there was another post quoting a tweek from Zheng’s old tweets that related to 0day bug survival which managed to sneak through iOS 11.3 during a beta testing phase. In his latest post, however, Zheng has confirmed that he’ll be working with Apple in order to fix these bugs and will be presenting more information related to what he’s found at some dedicated conference in case it gets accepted:

We’ve submitted our talk related to these exploit techniques and vulnerabilities to a conference. And, if it gets accepted, we’ll help Apple in fixing the problems and will disclose details of these vulnerabilities.

What’s actually good news for the community is that, in case of acceptance, the community will likely be getting additional information from an intricate write-up and a presentation about the issues that have been found. Bad news, however, is that it may not be likely for anything to get public until Zheng has worked on it with Apple for ensuring the bugs have been patched in upcoming iOS versions.

We’re not sure what that exactly means for the iOS 11.3 jailbreak as we move forward. However, we’re likely to see iOS 11.4 releasing pretty soon.

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