iOS 11.3 Jailbroken Successfully With Cydia Support Available On iPhone

    Min Zheng, a hacker and security researcher from China, who is currently working with Alibaba Labs, has recently confirmed that he’s managed a successful iOS 11.3 jailbreak. The latest revelation is, basically, a continuation of what he revealed in his earlier social media post confirming that he’d managed root shell access to the latest iOS platform.

    Previously, Zheng has been tweeting about his progress on the work he was doing with iOS 11.3 platform from Apple. He’d also stated that it actually wasn’t a jailbreak as he was not able to remount the rootfs or achieve R/W privileges for Cydia installation.

    However, his recent tweet says “This time it’s a real jailbreak now” and that certainly confirms that Min was able to get rid of the issues he had been facing previously and Cydia was actually installed on the device he was working with. A couple of screenshots also accompanied the tweet and they displayed Cydia on the Home Screen of iPhone along with root shell access that shows exists in /Applications folder.

    Now that’s really exciting to see the progress from Zheng but still it’d be too early to get excited about what exactly this means to the community overall. Nevertheless, it’s quite likely that Min has successfully jailbroken the iPhone running iOS 11.3 and was able to install Cydia with complex method that involve some hectic work on the commandline interface. And, in that case, it won’t be an appropriate solution for device owners interested in liberating their iOS 11.3 of all its limitations. So, it might need some more work for packaging everything into a simple tool that the entire community can take advantage of.

    That being said, it’s not yet confirmed that Zheng’s willing to take the plunge and come up with something that the community can use. If we have to do the guessing work, we’d say it is very unlikely for Zheng to share his work to the public as jailbreak tool.

    For next jailbreak available publicly, iOS 11.2.6 is still the best shot and it will be followed that of iOS 11.3 only if the POC exploit from Ian Beer is converted to something usable.

    iOS 11.3 signing window has already been closed by Apple and that means anyone who has upgraded to iOS 11.3.1 or a later version will have really hard time to downgrade their version of iOS if that’s at all possible. So, you should better stick to iOS 11.3.0 or iOS 11.2.x if you’re interested in a jailbreak some time in future.

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