Latest News On iOS 11 Jailbreak Electra With Cydia

    If you’re among those involved remotely with jailbreaking world, you’d already know by now that CoolStar who developed Electra Jailbreak had announced exiting from Jailbreak scene after quitting Twitter and being generally aggrieved at the attitude people showed towards his work.

    But the good news is that the issues seem to have been privately resolved and the developer is now making a comeback to Twitter. He’s also expected to return to jailbreak development as well. His website has recently been posted with quite a few updates related to events taking place in last few days.

    The new website page, found at, mentions all details with dates and if you are interested in finding out CoolStar’s take on this entire drama from last week you can check it out there. The page initially featured two entries which briefly described recent fall-out in jailbreaking world and the Electra developer detailed some known issues related to Cydia installation which is included in currently unreleased Electra version as well.

    Briefly, he touched what the DRM in final version of Electra is called and reaffirmed that if these checks were not in place it would have rendered Cydia completely unusable when installed over another jailbreak that used some other tool. He also revealed a bug in leaked Electra RC 1.2 build that causes Cydia to halt working randomly if they’d installed that leaked build.

    As it appears, CoolStar is very much fed up with community behavior and attitude after coming up with all the support and work on new jailbreaks. And, anyone who would listen to his perspective might seem to agree to his stance right away.

    To be honest, the outsiders might not ever be able to know the complete true story behind Electra leak but if things continue to go like that then we might not be able to get any jailbreaks in future and that’s for sure.

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