iOS 11 Making Inroads For Live Screen Streaming

iOS 11 Making Inroads For Live Screen Streaming

There are plenty of great new features that the new iOS 11 from Apple is going to come with. And, one new native featureallows iOS users to record everything that happens on the screen of the iOS device without any need of a computer, jailbreak or any third-party application.

Though the feature is great itself, but now apple seems to take it to the next level as it is considering to allow iOS 11 users to be able to live stream everything that happens on the screen.

Basically, the new beta version of iOS 11 that has been released by Apple comes with a new button below Screen Recording that was available previously and this new entry reads “Start Broadcast”. So, this thing suggests the new live screen streaming feature being introduced. As of now, this button doesn’t do anything at all, and while many suggest that it might be for the AirPlay streaming purposes,the Control Center already offers a button for that. So, there is a strong chance of live streaming feature as we expect.

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It is even more likely that this new feature of streaming the screen contents of an iOS device will work with the third-party apps, like games. The streaming of video games to different services like Twitch and YouTube Gaming is growing as a business, and when your iOS device will allow you to share such content right from your screen, it is definitely going to be a breakthrough feature for app developers as well.

As the new button comes in iOS 11 beta 3 and isn’t functional yet, it is suspected that it will change as we move forward but still it can’t be guaranteed that the new feature will be fully functional by the time when beta 4 is ready to release. As iOS 11 is expected to release in September, there aren’t many beta versions left to be released before Apple has to lock all the new features down. However, we hope that Apple will sort out everything well before September release and will work on optimizing the final features of iOS 11 to come up with a great final product that will offer an unparalleled user experience.