iOS 11 Tricks – Customizing Right & Left Airpods Shortcuts

    As it turns out, Apple is going to come up with one nice little addition to what your AirPods can do in the upcoming iOS 11. Only a couple of finger taps will be needed to play/pause audio in the AirPods – both right and left – rather than from just right side.

    As of now, when you listen to your favorite music using Apple’s AirPods, only right earbud can be used as controller to play/pause audio, turn off AirPods or trigger Siri. However, iOS 11 won’t just let you to double-tap for triggering shortcuts from left/right AirPod, rather you’ll be allowed to set up your custom shortcuts for each of them. In addition, there will be a few more shortcut options that can be explored with double-tapping. Getting curious on how you can be able to customize things? Here we have discussed how you can do that with your AirPod. Remember these customizations can also be turned off any time if you want.

    However, bear in mind that it’s still a feature introduced in the developer beta for iOS and it’s not certain that if it is going to make it to the final iOS launch later this year or not.

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    Customizing Left/Right double-tap shortcut for AirPod

    Customizing LeftRight double tap shortcut for AirPod-iOS 11 tricks - Customizing Right & left

    Here are the steps to follow for the said AirPod customization.

    1. Launch Settings on iPhone
    2. Go to Bluetooth
    3. In Double-Tap on AirPod option tap Left/Right
    4. Now choose one of the double-tap shortcuts available. The options include:
    • Siri
    • Next Track
    • Pause/Play
    • Previous Track
    1. Next, tap on back arrow that you can see in top left corner of your iPhone screen
    2. Select other AirPod
    3. Now choose a different or same double-tap shortcut



    After enabling these shortcuts, either side of your AirPod can be double-tapped for triggering control. Just remember the AirPod that triggers the particular shortcut.

    Disabling Left/Right double-tap shortcut for AirPod

    Disabling LeftRight double-tap shortcut for AirPod-. iOS 11 tricks - Customizing Right & left

    In case, if you face a situation where you unintentionally pause songs or skip tracks by accidentally double-tapping the AirPods often, it is very much possible to disable this feature. Here are the steps you will have to follow for disabling this feature.

    1. Go to Settings on iPhone
    2. Open Bluetooth
    3. Again open Double-Tap on AirPod and choose Left/Right
    4. Select Off

    You can now tap, smash, double-tap or even throw the AirPods (obviously not recommended) but that double-tap shortcut will not be triggered accidentally anymore.

    So, enjoy using your AirPods the way you like and customize the experience to your liking.

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