New In iOS 11 – Zip Archives Are Made Automatically When Folders Are Shared In Email

 There are quite a few features introduced in the latest iOS 11 and one that recently got to notice is that latest iOS automatically makes Zip archives when folders are shared in email.

We know that every release from Apple aims to make iPhones as well as iPads more like computers. It does not mean that iOS isn’t embracing any differences anymore to make sure that it works even better than desktops. However, it means that Apple is looking to make things easier and smoother on new iPhones and iOS devices.

That’s exactly the case when it comes to latest mobile OS iteration from Apple i.e. iOS 11. Apparently, the latest feature from iOS 11 did not receive much attention as yet. In iOS 11, it is possible to create Zip files during the process of sharing folders through email.

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It means that if someone tries to email entire folders present in Files app through some known Share Sheet function that comes with iOS, after opting to send it through email, iOS intervenes and converts the folder immediately into ZIP file. That certainly makes things pretty convenient and it is something that wasn’t possible with the help of iCloud Drive application that we had in iOS the 10.

It’s been more than a month ever since the new iOS was released to the developers and almost a week or so since its release to public beta testers, and more and more new features are coming up that will prove to be quite useful at the end of the day. It is very much possible for Apple to come up with some further additions, or maybe subtractions, as we go onto the final release of iOS 11 that is expected in September. Nevertheless, there is still a lot that we can expect to explore about the new iOS by then.

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