iOS 12 Beta 11 – Here Are Complete Release Notes

    If someone believes that Apple isn’t doing anything about the iOS 12 beta releases, that’s not the case. We have the latest Beta update in the form of iOS 12 beta 11. The registered developers can now have access to the latest update.

    Assuming that there won’t be any issues like what happened in case of iOS 12 beta 7, the developers should update without any delays whatsoever and once they actually update they will be able to ensure that all their games and apps work fine on the new iOS.

    Apple has revealed the iOS 12 beta 11 release notes already and you can check these below. When you’ll find out that there are regular fixes made to the previous beta and there aren’t any new issues found. Something that appears to be out of the ordinary, however, is the line that suggests localization for the iOS 12 has been completed, and there is a note that says some type of issue about incorrect languages has been fixed as well.

    Other than that, an issue which may be important for anyone installing this new beta version for iOS 12 on their primary device is that they may not be able to access Apple Pay. And, if you experience such an issue, a workaround has been suggested by Apple that you should resort to and that is to just try again but if that doesn’t seem to resolve the issue you’re facing then consider restarting your device.

    Now, it’s a perfect time to remind you that even though these iOS 12 beta versions coming up from Apple are surprisingly stable, they’re still betas and not the final versions of the iOS. So, you should better expect a few issues that may be of minor nature and until we have a final version ready and released just about anything can happen and things may go wrong with your beta installation. So, just be cautious about that.

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