iOS 12 Beta 3 Expected To Come With Its Public Beta 1 – Probable Release Date Revealed

    All eyes are now on Apple to release its next iOS 12 beta version. The passionate public testers are waiting anxiously or the next beta version of the latest iOS from Apple to come out. Well, here you’ll find the answer to when this new version will be coming out.

    The developers who introduce software for the iPhones and iPads from Apple can currently access second pre-release version of the iOS 12 i.e. iOS 12 Beta 2.

    This was the improvement from the Beta 1 version that Apple pushed out quickly to let developers instantly get the feel of quick progress it was making towards stability as well as overall ease-of-use. And, with iOS 12 beta 1 itself very stable, we can expect things to get even better ahead of the final public release in September. But for now we’re all waiting for the iOS 12 beta 3 to become available to developers and the iOS 12 public beta 1 to come out or the public testers.

    Apple always wants more and more people to put their hands on its iOS platform before making the final public release. So, the testing pool can be expected to increase dramatically with next release of the software. Both iOS 12 beta 3 as well as iOS 12 public beta 1 can be expected to be the same builds but will be differentiated with different numbers and will probably be available on 2nd or 3rd of July this year.

    These predictions are actually based on the past release history of Apple and the future behavior is predicted from what patterns Apple has been following in recent times. And, if these predictions are to be believed, a large testing community will have its focus on iOS 12 pretty soon. And with these releases, Apple will instantly receive greater feedback about what the new iOS lacks and the way it performs on different compatible devices. As a result, they’ll be giving their internal engineers access to more data that can be helpful in fixing niggles, bugs and issues in a quick fashion. We all know September is not too far away and iOS 12 has to be ready by then.

    So, if you’re a public tester and haven’t yet registered with Apple Beta Software Program, do it right away by visiting and make your contribution towards a better iOS.

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