iOS 12 Beta 7 Release Notes – A Look At Everything That Has Changed

iOS 12 Beta 7 Release Notes - A Look At Everything That Has Changed

As we all know Apple is going to release iOS 12 in a few weeks, it’s currently working on the Beta versions of the new iOS we expect the iOS 12 beta game to go up a notch this time around as the version 7 has been released after almost a week of beta 6 release.

The iOS 7 beta 6, itself, was released after a week’s time from the release of beta 5 version of the platform. This pattern certainly shows that Apple is very serious about improving its iOS platform going down the road as it makes strenuous efforts to ensure that iOS 12 is the best available version when it is released to public with least possible glitches. Unfortunately, that has also resulted in cutting down on a few features, especially, the support for 32-persons in FaceTime calls. But, still, a lot more will come with the new update that everyone would love to cherish.

The current beta 7 release of the iOS 12 is only available to the developers and the public beta version of the iOS is expected to come in a couple of days’ time. As of the moment, Apple has decided to keep things to developers so that they can ensure they don’t miss out on patching any important glitch before releasing it to general public. The iOS 12 beta 7 release notes also provides us with some insights into what has been propagated by the company towards developers with this particular release.

Now, if you go through the release notes, there is one thing that will become clear that more number of known issues have been revealed than the previous updates. You may want to take it as a positive, however, as it shows that Apple is already aware of the possible issues and is also working hard to fix them. And, with iOS 12 expected to get the limelight in only a few weeks, we expect that this cycle of weekly updates will continue.

The iOS 12 update from Apple is expected to bring quite a lot of improvements with it as compared to what we had in case of iOS 11. And, the major update among them all would be the revamped notification system and a new feature of digital wellbeing known as ‘Screen Time’.

It provides users with a lot better understanding on how their devices are being used and, more importantly, how much they’re used. Facebook and Google are also planning things to add a few similar features in their products after realizing that the users might get addicted to their devices after such a feature is released.

So, here is a look at all the changes that are coming with iOS 12 beta 7.