iOS 12 Brings Live Listen Option To AirPods

    Apple came up with an iPhone feature in 2014 that allowed the devices to be directly paired with the hearing aids which then acted as their remote microphones and sent the audio picked by the microphones of the iPhone to the ears of the wearer. Now, with iOS 12 being recently announced, Apple takes things frther by adding AirPods to the mix.

    Though the feature wasn’t announced on-stage at the WWDC opening keynote, it was noticed by the crew at TechCrunch that iOS 12 allows users to take their iPhone’s audio and pipe it directly into the AirPods. This certainly makes it a perfect setup to allow users to listen more clearly in situations when directional microphones prove to be a handy option.

     iOS 12 Brings Live Listen Option To AirPods

    Obviously, it’s not the only use of this wonderful new technology and there will be ways to use it other than just replacing traditional microphones. For instance, it is very much possible for the old iPhones and the AirPods to be turned into makeshift baby monitors.
    You can also imagine its use in some busy bar or conference center where it would help people who might not need any hearing aid normally in getting some audio boost whenever needed.

    People with medical requirements of hearing aids must consult their medical practitioner for getting the ball rolling as well. For all other people, however, it’s quite clear that similar functionality will be added by iOS 12 that people can carry with them everywhere without needing any kind of additional accessories.

    If you consider that thing alone, it’s a huge plus for the new feature and Apple deserves full marks for bringing yet another accessibility feature.

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