iOS 12 Features, Rumors, And Beta Release Date Revealed

    Apple might currently be testing its iOS 11.4 version with the help of registered developers as well as public testers, but it’s already looking forward to introducing iOS 12 – the next major iteration of its mobile operating system.

    There are rumors floating around that Apple’s focus will be on security and stability enhancements as it plans to introduce iOS 12 while there won’t be any massive changes coming along. Believing the rumors and news that we have got so far, here’s what Apple’s next-generation iOS is going to offer.

    As specified earlier, it appears that the company has internally come to a decision that they’ll be pushing back those major changes to 2019 and that’d be time for the release of the next version i.e. iOS 13. There’ve been speculations that Apple’s plan was to bring some major changes to Home Screen for very first time after 2007, along with a few key native applications that come built into the iOS like stock Mail application. However, after a meeting conducted internally with the team members, Apple shifted its focus to trying and enhancing the iOS with respect to security and stability. Now, that makes sense if you consider that PR nightmare Apple’s been through over last several months as far as iOS is concerned.

    Now, considering that focus, which definitely is the right decision from Apple, some changes can still be expected in the upcoming iOS 12. Some new functionality is expected in next big release that will allow parents to monitor the overall usage as well as screen time of their kids. Besides, there will be some decent changes coming to FaceTime functionality as well.

     iOS 12 Features, Rumors, And Beta Release

    It is also expected that Emoji 11.0 will be coming with iOS 12 just as the Unicode Consortium recently announced. Now, this will allow iPhone/iPad users to access 157 new emoji characters.

    In addition, the new iOS iteration is expected to come with support for horizontal Face ID, NFC access in iPhones to make them turn into hotel room keys, and the revamped iBooks.

    Just as it happens, it is expected that Apple will be giving first glimpse of the latest iOS 12 officially at WWDC 2018 this year that is scheduled on 4th of June at the McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, California. The WWDC keynote will feature hands-on sessions where Apple’s engineers will be announcing the new features and will show the first look of the products to the world. It will also release the initial pre-release betas to the developers. As usual, the final release will be available for public later this year somewhere around September/October.

    Now, if you’re interested in finding out more about latest iOS 12 as soon as it is released by Apple, just bookmark this page as it will bring the latest updates to you. All the first-party information and the third-party leaks will be updated to make sure you know everything beforehand about the upcoming iOS 12. As it goes, these leaks and updates offer a very much accurate insight into the upcoming releases from the company.


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