iOS 12 Jailbreak News – Another Developer Claims iOS 12 Jailbreak On A10 and A11 Devices

You must have been waiting for the iOS 12 jailbreak news for quite some time. Right? Well, Umang Raghuvanshi, the popular security researcher and developer, has come up with some more positivity for those concerned with the iOS 12 jailbreak. The developer is from India and he has been known for the twek Libertas. Recently, he took to Twitter sharing a 2-part update confirming that he has developed a new jailbreak solution for iOS 12.x exploiting all the vulnerabilities that existed in the platform.

It’s probably not the easiest for an outside to get into the jailbreak community and get all the pieces of information to stitch them together so that you can have a 360-degree view of this entire thing.

There have been many security researchers and developers working continuously on the latest iOS platform from Apple to come up with any vulnerabilities and weaknesses so that they could try and exploit them. A few of these people actually work for the professional companies while they are always planning for the payday from big companies like Apple. On the other hand, there are those like Umang Raghuvanshi who are genuinely interested in determining any vulnerabilities that could be exploited to come up with a jailbreak solution to be released for general public.

Coming to the Raghuvanshi’s tweet, things really seem to be looking good as far as iOS 12.1 jailbreak is concerned. He tweeted that the bugs are still alive in the latest iOS 12 from Apple and he has managed to successfully jailbreak his A10 as well as A11 devices. However, he was reluctant to talk about the jailbreak possibilities for the newer iOS devices running the latest A12 Bionic SoC. He’s currently keeping an eye on the release dates for iOS 12.1 but says there is no reason you should be going for the upgrade if you have jailbroken your devices. He added that he still works on his tweak Libertas off and on but plans to hand that tweak over to somebody who would be more interested in tweak development.

So, as it appears, the bugs that Raghuvanshi is talking about are still there in latest beta version of iOS 12.1 and he’s successfully been able to work around those bugs for liberating iOS devices of his own running on A10 and A11 processors from Apple. Remember, however, that the work hasn’t been tested yet on the latest iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR devices. All these devices run on A12 Bionic chip, the latest from Apple, and we can only wait with our fingers crossed until that happens and see if the work that has been done from Raghuvanshi is actually worth it or not.

If all goes well, we can expect iOS 12.1 jailbreak to be going public soon as its final version is dropped by Apple. And, that’s based on the assumption that the company does not patch the said bugs meanwhile.

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