How To Perform ios 9.2 jailbreak Using Pangu

    If you have an iPhone/iPad or iPod that is running iOS 9.2 and you want an iOS 9.2 jailbreak for your device, there is no need to worry. Pangu jailbreak is now available for iOS 9.2.

    How To Perform iOS 9.2 Jailbreak

    So, if you want to enjoy using some of the best jailbreak tweaks around on your iOS 9.2 device, here are the steps that you need to follow. Remember that this iOS 9.2 jailbreak is completely reversible with the help of a simple restore.

    1. Go to official website of Pangu jailbreak tool. Make sure that you do not end up on a fake website to avoid any kind of scams.
    2. On the page that opens up, click on that red button in the center to download your desired pangu jailbreak.
    3. Though it appears to be complicated, it’s all pretty simple. Don’t get confused by anything in that guide. Here’s an explanation of all the terms.
      1. Version, Size, SHA1 and MD5: Do not worry about any of these. MD5 and SHA1 are the verification codes.
      2. Pangu Jailbreak File:IPA is the application file while Cydia and Pangu are the apps. The app just needs to give you an alternative option on your device for doing things other than Apple’s preferred way. So, you have to download it.
      3. Cydia Impactor: It is nothing but an installation program. You can run Cydia Impactor on your Windows PC as well as Mac.
      4. Embedded Certificate: It happens sometimes that app developers want to test their software on the real devices. For this, they install some type of certificate that lets to them actually install the app without having to download it from App Store. This certificate also lets you to get the app installed for jailbreaking the device.
    4. Download Cydia Impactor as well as iPA file and put them both in a folder on the desktop. It is advised to keep both of them in same folder so that they may not get lost. Now unzip and run Cydia Impactor.
    5. Connect the iOS device with your PC or Mac with the help of a cable. Make sure that you don’t have to bend the cable because it might result in corrupting files during jailbreak process. So, there’s no need to end up in chaos for nothing.
    6. The next step in the iOS 9.2 jailbreak process is to drag the IPA file over to the name of your iPhone and then drop it as soon as you see that “copy” popup.
    7. Next, you will have to provide the iTunes login details.
    8. You will now get a warning, just ignore it unless you’re an active iOS developer who submits apps to App Store.
    9. Just wait and relax now. Cydia Impactor will run the setup and things will happen automatically from here on. It will install the app that you had dragged and dropped earlier. You may get an error message in case of provide wrong login details.
    10. Next, unlock the device and go to Settings app. If there is anything new installed to the Home Screen, just ignore it as it’s not ready to be used. When inside Settings, go to Device Management in General. You will see a new profile here. Just tap on it and trust the profile when prompted.
    11. Tap Home button and leave the Settings app. Now find Pangu app on the iOS device that you’re trying to jailbreak. Most probably, you’ll find it on Home Screen similar to any other app that you install on your device. However, if it’s not there then try to reboot the device.
    12. Launch Pangu to perform iOS 9.2 jailbreak and Click on Start button. Let the device continue with whatever it tries to do. When the process will finish, you’ll be able to see an icon for Cydia on your Home Screen. That shows your device has been jailbroken.

    So, that’s how you can perform iOS 9.2 jailbreak. Hopefully, you’ll find it quite simple and straight forward as there is nothing too complicated in it. Just follow the simple steps given above and you’re done.

    Check the Video about how you can jailbreak iOS 9.2 and 9.3.3 Using Pangu!

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