iPhone 13 Is Expected To Bring Ultra-Fast 5G mmWave To More Countries Other Than the US.

    As the release of the new Apple iPhone 13 lineup is right around the corner analysts are making assumptions as to what will be its key features. Recently, Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has claimed that the iPhone 13 lineup will bring ultra-fast 5G mmWave to more countries, while it’s currently only available in the US.

    Although iPhone 12 supports 5G worldwide,  mmWave antenna only comes with the models of iPhone 12 that are sold within the US. The users of mmWave antenna exclaim that download speeds are up to multi-gigabit.

    5G comes in two strands that are sub-6GHz and mmWave. sub-6GHz is widely distributed with real-world maximum speed at around 60-100 megabits per second, with top-tier LTE performance. Despite the inability of mmWave to penetrate indoors, it does provide high-bandwidth coverage in a small niche.

    iPhones with mmWave have a special antenna window area beside the device just below the side buttons. According to Mr. Kuo, the iPhone 13 lineup with mmWave antenna will be available majorly in Canada, Japan, Europe, and Australia. The shipment rate is also expected to release 55-60% with the release of this new iPhone 13. The iPad Pro who’s release is due tomorrow at Apple’s April event, is also foreseen to feature 5G assistance.

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