iPhone 14 Leaked Even Before The Announcement of iPhone 13

    We are all set for the iPhone 13 lineup to be announced by Apple next week. But, quite surprisingly, iPhone 14 has already upstaged the new upcoming iPhones. We already know that the leaked handset is not going to be announced until at least the same time next year.

    The renders of the next year’s iPhone were leaked by Front Page Tech, claiming them to be of a handset that Apple is currently testing internally.

    Let’s ignore for a moment that it’s a pretty absurd thing for an iPhone to be leaked an entire year out.  While Apple will definitely crackdown against such leaks, it is a big deal. Just have a look at these renders, and you’ll find out why that is so.

    For now, at least, let’s assume that the leak from Jon Prosser is right on the money.

    According to the leaker, the iPhone 14 will feature a glass back, allowing its glass front to sandwich the metal rails all along the sides. It will use titanium in the metal parts, as suggested by Prosser, while they will be round volume buttons similar to yesteryear’s iPhones.

    However, the most noticeable design tweak is the removal of the camera bump. It appears that Apple will be making the new iPhone a little thicker in the bit to completely ditch the camera bump. That’s certainly a big change that Apple is focusing on considering the fact that they have been trying to make the iPhones as thin as possible in the past.

    Another significant change will be the removal of the notch. According to Prosser, that is likely to happen only on the higher-end models. A hole-punch camera is likely to replace the notch, and it will be equipped with FaceID tech that will be embedded under the display apparently.

    At the moment, we can’t be certain about the accuracy of this iPhone 14 leak, and there is a long time left until its official release. For now, let’s focus on iPhone 13 that is set for release next week.

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